3319948 Pte. Robert HAILS, 10th Bn. Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment) : 28/06/1944

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    Remembering today:

    Casualty Details | CWGC

    Service Number: 3319948
    Regiment & Unit/Ship: 10th Bn. Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)
    Date of Death: 28 June 1944
    Age 27 years old
    Buried or commemorated at ST. MANVIEU WAR CEMETERY, CHEUX
    Grave Reference: VII. C. 4.
    Location: France
    Additional Info: Son of George Edward Hails and of Ruth Maud Hails (nee Ward); husband of Margaret Florence Hails (nee McLeary), of Newtongrange, Midlothian.
    Personal Inscription: TOO DEARLY LOVED TO BE FORGOTTEN

    :poppy: Remembered with honour
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    :poppy: RIP - Private Robert HAILS. :poppy:

    Cemetery of St. Manvieu.


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    10 HLI history here.

    War Diary - Campaign in Europe -10 Highland Light Infantry - INTO BATTLE

    Next day, we moved in to the COLLEVILLE-MOUEN area and had a bloody battle in the dusk of evening at MOUEN. "A" Company, under Capt. Hay, had a field day and claimed 50 German dead as their share, but it was a precarious position and the Battalion spent an uncomfortable night around a MOUEN farm-they were tired and the men owed much to the restless energy of Colonel Young. Nor had the fight been without cost-we had lost 21 killed, including Lieuts. Armer and Harding of " D" Company and Lieut. Hilborn of" A " Company, the latter two being Canadian officers on loan to us. Major R. B. Maclachlan." D " Company was fatally wounded, while personally leading an attack in the face of enemy tank cross-fire which was enfilading his Company position. That evening, 28th June, the Q.M., Capt. A. Bain and four O.R.'s went missing after leaving the Battalion to rejoin " B " Echelon, presumably having taken a wrong turning and run into the enemy lines. All four O.R.'s were taken prisoner, but we were later sadly 10 learn that the Q.M. lost his life. From then on, " Q " matters were in the able hands of Lieut. F. I. M'Gilp, who was commissioned in the field.
    Capt. Bain was the father of the Battalion. Having served throughout the War of 1914-18, he was a keen Territorial during the interval of peace. He was appointed Q.M. when the Battalion was formed, and his experience, enthusiasm and unique personality bud been of inestimable value during the early mobilization, the prolonged period of training, and the subsequent mobilization for service overseas. The loss was most deeply felt by all ranks.
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    10th Highland Light Infantry from 27th June to 30th June 1944

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    Thanks to you all for helping to remember Private Hails.


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