3311120 Bombardier Hugh CAMPBELL, 90th Lt AA Regiment, Royal Artillery: 09/10/1944

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    January 44

    WO_170_1244_0001.jpg WO_170_1244_0002.jpg WO_170_1244_0003.jpg WO_170_1244_0004.jpg WO_170_1244_0005.jpg
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    This might offer a clue as to what was happening.
    Others have said the 90 LAA were being used for logistics, moving ammunition etc.

    Senio Valley 1st Infantry Division.
    67th Field Regiment RA with 75th Medium Regt. spent three weeks in the valley frequently under intense enemy fire. They lost several men to enemy shellfire including two officers (plus two other men not from the Regiment), when the farmhouse they were using as a Command Post was hit.
    They were initially buried in Palazzuolo sul Senio (there is a memorial to 1st Division here), then Faenza.
    There is also a cook (Army Catering Corps) killed by shellfire which landed next to the cookhouse tent also buried in Faenza.
    One of our group visited the memorial in Palazzuolo sul Senio, Badia di Susinanah and Faenza War Cemetery in October 2019 his relative was one of the officers killed in the farm house mentioned above.

    There was a very nasty diversion in the village of Baffadi where all forward supply and OP transport came into full enemy view.
    They had it very accurately registered, a permanent canister smoke screen was put up by day but they harassed it regularly.

    Objective: Monte Cece (Ceco) A succession of infantry attacks took place. The KSLI on the 8th followed by the Duke of Wellington Regt
    on the 9th October. The CO of the Dukes was killed.
    By late afternoon they had two companies on top of the feature with a company of the KSLI and Foresters in support.
    The enemy counter attacked heavily but the position was held against ceaseless mortar and artillery concentrations. That night the FOO’s went up with the Loyals to relieve the Dukes.

    At 1800 the enemy opened up with everything they had.
    1 Div Artillery replied with its DF plan the expected counter attack did not materialise.

    The Loyals had many casualties and a FOO from 67th Field was seriously wounded on Oct 10th.
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    In the town centre near the museum is a largely unknown memorial to the British 1st Division.and 67th Field Regt on Piazza IV Novembre Palazzuolo sul Senio. Photo Courtesy of the Hartridge family. The initial burials took place in a churchyard nearby then transferred to Faenza when the CWGC War Cemetery was opened.
    The family visited the memorial and the War Cemetery on 13th October 2019 to place items in remembrance of Lt John Hartridge ACPO 266 Bty 67th Field Regt killed when a shell struck the window sill of the room in which he was sleeping in the village of Badia di Susinana on Friday 13th October 1944.
    How to get there, a simple (but rather pale) sketch map by myself showing Arrow Route used by our colleague who went there in 2019. It is best to use a guide who knows the area well as conditions and roads can vary and there are several steep gorges to cross.

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