307 P. Military Government Detachment

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    307.P.Mil.Gov. Det.

    I am still struggling to identify this unit.
    I would seem that Military Government Detachments Came under the Foreign Office.
    I assume that they must have been made up of Civil Servants /Diplomats? with may be military escorts.My father had been downgraded medically so I guess it was not a very active role.

    Bit of a mystery,He served on the Guns throughout his active service
    rank of Gunner G Battery 5 RHA .until wounded for the second time During Operation Blackcock.
    His last unit served with was the Mil Gov Det. but his last job title was Physical Training Instructor but medical grade B6 all listed as such on his discharge papers.

    Location was NW Europe dated sometime between 25.05.45 and 13.01.46
    I have tried Foreign Office Archives that I can access but no luck .

    Any suggested search areas would be appreciated.
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    WO 171/7963 Military Government Detachments. 307 Det H.Q. Branch Westfalen (Provinz). 1945 Mar.- Oct.
    WO 171/7964 Military Government Detachments. 307 Det. Westfalen (Provinz). 1945 Sept.- Oct.

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    Thanks Andy Have PM,d You.

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