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    I'd love to hear from anyone who was or has relatives who were in 3WG . I'm researching my grandfather, Gilbert Sheppard 's 2737507 experiences in the war.

    3WG arrived in Italy from Tunisia and went into immediate action at Cerasola , holding the peak at bayonet point in appalling weather.

    They then had 2 stints at Cassino before going along the Liri Valley to Acre.

    I'd really like to understand more about this time and would welcome any information you might have about the engagements or indeed my grandfather.

    Thank you for reading
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    You might want to get a copy of the Welsh Guards Regimental History. That will explain what the 3 Battalion were up to. Cerasola was right up on Monte Tujo which was ghastly.

    Their time at Cassino was spent in the town.

    If you want to go and have a look, I am running a trip there on 7-11 Jun 17.


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    Hi Frank

    Thanks for getting in touch, I've read the Welsh Guards, a couple of books about Cassino and also an Ensign in Italy. They have good detail but haven't allowed me to pinpoint where my grandfather got injured at Cerasola or Acre. The story I've been told was that he was hit by a sniper whilst trying to take over a machine gun, the previous guardsmen on the gun had been killed by the sniper, presumably this was at Acre as it would tie into the medical records showing an injury on 27/5/44.

    I'd love to join the tour family commitments and finances permitting.


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    No worries. You know where to find me if you would like to join the group.



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