3/9th Gurkha Rifles - Chindits

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    I am trying to find the exact date that the 3/9th Gurkha Rifles left 4th Indian Infantry Brigade of 26th Indian Division and joined the Chindits. At the same time, the 2/7th Rajput Regiment, the Divisional HQ Battalion, replaced the 3/9th Gurkhas in 4th Indian Brigade. It would be sometime between January and March 1944. I have a tentative date of January 1944, which is when the 3/9th Gurkha Rifles moved to Fenny and left the Arakan for Special Force. I hope that someone can confirm this or come up with another date. The 2/7th Rajput Regiment moved to Chittagong on December 31, 1943 and joined the 26th Indian Division. I assume this was as Divisional HQ Battalion.
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    Scope for a bit of interpretation...

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    Looks like it was the beginning of February:

    3:9 GR WD 2.jpg 3:9 GR WD 22 2.jpg
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    I knew the experts would help me on this. That is exactly the information that I need to regarding the 3/9th Gurkha Rifles. Bamboo43, thanks for posting the War Diary. It is so hard to come across Indian Army war diaries. Idler, I had taken notes from the Steven's 9th Gurkha Rifles Regimental history back in the 90s but the New York Public Library seems to have lost the book shortly after. A got a hold of Choudhuri's book in the late 90s, when my daughter was at Cornell, but it was not as good as Steven's.
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    Let me know if you need more of the diary pages for other dates.
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    Thanks, bamboo43. At the moment I am OK.

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