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    Morning all,

    Currently in the process of ordering service records for 2 relatives who were both POW's.

    I wondered if anyone could point me in any helpful directions to search in the mean time, to start my search for them?

    I'm heading to the National Archives, so a heads up what to seek there would be great.

    The details I've currently found are:
    Gnr Cyril Mack Firman, RA
    Camp 344 Stalag VIIIB
    POW No. 11124
    Army No. 854869
    RO No. 5

    We believe he was captured fighting with the BEF in 1940.

    Pvt John Alfred Claxton
    10554999, 18 Div. Workshops, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
    Died 13 August 1943 Age 28
    Chungkai War Cemetery
    Son of John Edward and Emma Caroline Claxton, of Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, Northamptonshire.

    John died in between completing the wooden bridge and inishing the metal bridge over the river Kwai.

    Any leads/assistance is greatly appreciated,

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    Good morning Mongo,

    Welcome to the Forum. Just wait until some members are awake. These guys have lots of KEW experience and I am willbe able to help you.

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    There are quite a number of associations/sites regarding Camp 344, for example - STALAG VIIIB 344 LAMSDORF , so these sites may have other details, contact or even photos that may include your relative, just a matter of ploughing through some screen time

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    He wasn't in the US Army so don't use Pvt.
    He was in the British Army so it's Pte.

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