2nd Searchlight Regiment Royal Artillery and Associated Batteries

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  1. Laineyb

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    This is my Grandfather in his uniform. I still do not know which battery he was in. How would I find that out please?

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  2. Laineyb

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    This is my Grandfather's account of what happened to him and his comrades on the 19th May 1940 when they were attacked by The Germans.

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    Great to see something so closely related to 2nd Searchlight Regiment and the day my grandfather was captured.

    In terms of finding the specific battery, there are 4 to pick from - 5, 6, 7 and 8. My own conclusion was quite fortunate in that I knew my grandfater’s commanding officer, and these officers were noted down in each battery diary. Do you know anybody of rank that your grandfather served with?

    Saving that, if there are any particular dates/locations during those first months in France, that may be able to be attributed to a particular battery location.

    Hope this helps.

  4. morrisc8

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    Thornycroft below has been identified as having the 2nd Searchlight Regiment. 49 aos . Photos from my collection.
    2 SL truck 1940 bef.jpg 1940 bef surchlight.jpg
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    Just interested how you identified them my great uncle Stanley was a gunner with them. Doesn any one have them in action? Was they planted on the front line in France or behind? TBH I couldn't find much on them when doing my own research.
  6. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Thornycroft below has been identified as having the 2nd Searchlight Regiment. 49 aos . Photos from my collection.
  7. morrisc8

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    One more from my collection. info on back of photo in german. no id on unit.
    sl truck bef 1940.jpg sl truck bef 1940. back of photo.jpg
  8. morrisc8

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    1940 burnt out british trucks.jpg [​IMG]
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    Yes my great uncle Stanley was too sadly he was captured and sent to Poland.
  10. The Viking

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    Hi where could I get a copy of this diary please?
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    Hi Folks, just started doing some research, just found out my Grandad was a L/Sjt with 5 Bty, 2 Searchlight Regt - posted missing 14June40 - today! Spooky. Captured at Dunkirk - he couldn't swim. PoW in Poland and repatriated in late 45 or 46 so probably in Soviet hands rejoins the colours and taught at the Mons Officer Cadet college in Aldershot.
  13. Tricky Dicky

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    I think you might need to tie up with member David Sharp (recently joined) on this thread Sergeant. John (Jack) Sharp. both of your relatives served in the same unit in the BEF in France 1940

  14. David Sharp

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    Hi Keith & Karl, I don't know if you are still using this forum but if you are it would be nice to be in touch. My Father was in 5 Battery. He was a Sergeant. He and a few remaining soldiers from his platoon got left behind at Dunkirk and managed to escape through enemy lines, eventually returning to England via an empty coal ship out of Either Dinard or St. Malo along with some French and Belgian troops. I am only now piecing together his war journey.
    David Sharp
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  15. amberden

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    Hi All
    Does anyone have the war diary for 6Btty 2nd Searchlight Regt RA. for the dates between
    16th May 1940 and 23rd May 1940. I am trying to find the extent to which this unit and 8 Btty
    were together. The German ambush that occurred on 20th May seems to have involved men
    from both these units yet the war diary for 8 Btty makes no mention of 6Btty being with them
    neither does the diary of an NCO doesn't mention it either.

    M & N troops of 8 Btty were in the following places and I would like to know if there is any overlap with troops from 6 Btty

    16th May N troop move from Peronne to Crecy
    M troop move from Mons en Chausee to Conteville
    the diary mentions that both are under the command
    of 210 AA Btty

    19th May N troop are in billets at Ligescourt

    20th May News recieved that M and N Troops had been ordered to move from their aerodromes to ROUEN
    but later news of them is unoficial Their lorries had to be used to evacuate the guns of 210 AA Battery RA
    and it is believed that the enemy mechanised column overtook the troops before they could get away.
    Missing Leiut W D Tuck, Leiut H E I Robins and 142 ORs.

    M Troop were at Conteville which is approx 10km NE of Abbeville so if they were trying to get to Rouen
    they were heading in the opposite direction when they were ambushed.

    In the NCOs diary he says that they were told to head for St Pol to rendezvous with O and P troops
    and that is the general direction they were heading.

    The diary says that on 19th these two troops and HQ were in Busnes approx 20 km n of St Pol and were
    ordered on 20th to move to Ledringham approx 70 km north of St Pol.

    It seems that nobody knew what the situation was and what the best move would be. The route that
    M troop took from Conteville via Auxi le Chateau towards St Pol placed them in the path of the
    advancing Germans who were known to be in that area as they had attacked
  16. David Sharp

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    Laineyb, have seen your photo of your grandfather, I have a photo of my father standing in front of identical 'bell-tents', wearing an identical uniform, complete with the two buttons on the head-gear and with what looks like the same tree in the background, only difference is, he is standing at 'easy' and not holding a rifle. I reckon it was at the training stage, he as he looks so proud of his uniform. He ended up with the BEF and was in 5 Battery. 2nd Searchlight Regiment. I have tried to upload the photo but it says the image is too large to load, tis quite spooky though to see almost identical images.
    David Sharp
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    Afternoon all,

    Just a little bit of info for the photo of the British vehicle with the smashed window screen being inspected by the Germans - L3915833. It was built under contract number V.3404 as in the attached document below (top line). The second attachment shows the contract being awarded to Thorneycroft and signed on 5th April 1939; a relatively brand new piece of equipment!




  18. Laineyb

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    May I ask what event do these 2 photos relate to? Are they the aftermath of the German attack on 6 Battery 2nd Searchlight Regiment on or around 19 May 1940? Thank you.
  19. Laineyb

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    Hi David, what a shame. I would have liked to have seen the photo of your Father. Do you think it was taken in the training camps in Devizes, Wiltshire perhaps? Many Thanks Lorraine
  20. Laineyb

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    Hello, I believe my Grandfather was in 6 Battery.

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