2nd Rangers: LCA Assault Flotillas at Pointe Du Hoc

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    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for information on the LCA crews who delivered the 2nd Rangers to Pointe du Hoc.

    I am seeking reports by the crews of the LCA of the Assault Flotillas 501, 522 & 520 that took Rangers from the Prince Charles, SS Amsterdam and SS Ben My Chree on D-Day.

    Where could I look for reports from those British seaman on the LCAs?

    Any information would be great.


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    I know in later days some of the RN sailors had affiliation to the Ranger D Day veteran associations, an acquaintance of mine some years back his father was one of the LCT crewman and was a member , perhaps they have some names and perhaps accounts ?
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    Thanks very much, good thinking, I'll do that.

  4. Tom OBrien

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    Hi brithm,

    There are some reports from Assault Group O-4 in ADM199/1645 which you might find of interest, as they include reports from some of the assault ships, a report re M.Ls 163 and 304 which led the LCAs in and also a report by the Flotilla Officer of 501st LCA Flotilla to the C.O. of "Prince Charles" describing the action in some detail. I've got copies of some of the pages and could possibly seek more next time I'm at Kew.


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  5. brithm

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    That's great help mate, thanks. When it comes to naval research I am lost.

    I will check those thanks.

  6. I've uploaded on the Documents Database four of the Reports mentioned by Tom. They come from fold3, but one needs to have full access to get them, hence my uploading:

    Resources from Michel Sabarly

    None found for SS Ben My Chree nor SS Amsterdam though :(.


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  8. Rob Vaughan, the son of a Divisional Officer in 520 LCA Flotilla may have found some info:

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  9. brithm

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    These are the flotillas for the 2nd & 5th US Ranger flotillas, they conveyed by LCAs by Royal Navy crews

    Assault Flotilla 501 Prince Charles
    LCAs: 401, 418, 421, 441, 458, 626, 750 & 1038
    Companies: A.B.C & HQ Coy 5th Rangers

    Assault Flotilla 522 SS Amsterdam
    LCAs: 668, 858, 860, 861, 862, 914
    Companies: D, E 2 Rangers

    Assault Flotilla 520 SS Ben My Chree
    LCAs: 722, 883, 884, 887, 888, 1003
    Company: F 2 Rangers
  10. brithm

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    Hi Michel,

    Thanks for that. I saw on Normandy veterans association site in the guestbook a son of a veteran his father William Ingram was the Stoker 1st Class on LCA 722 alongside Col. Rudder awarded a DSM for his work on Omaha Beach & Pointe du Hoc.



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