2nd Highland Light Infantry

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    could be, but I think they have its battalion wrong, or maybe he was attachted too?
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    2nd Highland Light Infantry served entirely in the Middle East and Central Mediterranean Force during the war. I know there was at least one ex-2nd HLI who served under Phantom in North-West Europe, the actor David Niven. Maybe 'Phantom' deaths were listed under the original regiment rather than the super-secret 'Phantom' units.
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    This could be good point
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    2 HLI were fighting with 23rd Armoured Brigade in Athens in Dec 44 and Jan 45.

    They formed part of what was known as Arkforce after their CO Brigadier Arkwright.

    Most of the infantry in Arkforce came over from Italy and N Africa.

    Could this chap have died as a POW?

    Hope this helps

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    still not sure why he would be on the Groesbeek panel, will check the POW book tomorrow to see if he is in/it.
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    Could he of been attached to one of the Territorial Battalions in the HLI who were in Holland, but comemerated as 2 HLI his parent regiment:unsure:
    The 5th and 6th Bat. HLI were part of the 52nd (Lowland) Division, moving to France in June 1940 for a short period taking part a fighting retreat via Cherbourg in the middle of June. For the next four years it trained to become a Mountain Division in Scotland. With the approach of D-Day the role of the Division was changed and it landed in Belgium in October 1944, taking part in the capture of the Dutch island of Walcheren. Thereafter it fought throughout Southern Holland and into Germany, with the Division’s final action resulting in the capture of Bremen. The Wartime Memories Project - The Second World War - Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)
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    It think I will contact the CWGC, and ask them, see what comes out
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    Perhaps reference is the 2nd Bn. Glasgow Highlanders HLI. I know in the book "With the Jocks" he mentioned the 1st HLI, which only could of been the 1st Bn Glasgow Highlanders HLI. These 2 regiments were of the Highland Light Infantry as well.

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