2nd Hertfordshire regiment 1944-45

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  1. hutchie

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    can anyone point me in the direction of the war diaries? this regiment saw action in normandy?
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    The 2nd Herts was a beach battalion on D-Day. These units contained a rifle component for local protection, but their main function was to provide labor and to serve as an umbrella organization for many small technical detachments engaged in the myriad tasks of beachhead development. Though little known and less publicized, their job was an essential one. The 2nd Herts formed part of 104 Beach Sub-Area, which supported 50th Division on Gold Beach. Under Colonel J.R. Harper, 2nd Herts landed with 69th Infantry Brigade on KING sector. The unit was broken up in August, the riflemen going to other units of 21st AG as reinforcements. The battalion has a monument in Ver-sur-Mer, I think. I will check the PRO site for the WD numbers.
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    Hello Hutchie,

    I haven't got the War Diaries for the 2nd Bn Herts Regt, but here are the landing tables for Fifty Div on D-Day. Per TTH's message, in the 69th Infantry Brigade's table the 2nd Herts first appear at H+45...

    D-Day : Normandy 1944 - GOLD BEACH : British Troops


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    Here's the ref WO 171/1308 but the diary only goes to August 44 and I couldn't find a 45 diary. Did they get disbanded in August ?

    Edit - I see THH says they were in Aug.
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    Here is some details on the 2nd Bn, Hertfordshire Regiment:

    2nd Battalion, The Hertfordshire Regiment, The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment (T.A.)

    162nd Infantry Brigade – 5 September 1939 to 17 September 1942
    73rd Infantry Brigade – 22 September 1942 to 8 December 1942
    198th Infantry Brigade – 9 December 1942 to 23 August 1943
    The battalion was raised from the Nos. 1 and 2 Companies of the 1st Battalion, which were located at St. Albans, Watford and Hemel Hempstead. Its first officer was commissioned from 1st Battalion on August 9th, 1939. In the early months of the war the battalion was engaged in defence duties in East Anglia. It moved to Northumberland in January 1940. It then served on coast defence on the Northumberland coast from June 1940 until August 1943. It was located at Cheltenham, Thame, Southwald, Woodbridge, Loue, Bodmin and Ipswich. It was deployed on an anti-invasion role until the end of 1942. In July 1943 the battalion was training as infantry in close support of the new armour of the 79th Armoured Division.

    21st Army Group – 23 August 1943 to 21 August 1944
    On August 23rd, 1943 the battalion moved to Scotland to the Combined Operations Training Centre at Dundonald, Gailes and Inverary to become the infantry element of the No. 9 Beach Group It spent the next three months forming the sub-units of the No. 9 Beach Group into a cohesive unit. It did exercises in January 1944 at Gullane in the Firth of Forth. In March 1944, No. 9 Beach Group was designated to land with the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division and moved to Studland Bay, Bournemouth area and Hayling Island in the south for rehersals of its role. It concentrated at Winchester in May 1944 and broke down into loads in the Southampton Area. The battalion embarked on June 5th, 1944 at Southampton.
    It landed on June 6th, 1944 as part of the 104th Beach Sub-Area at La Riviere, Normandy. It served on the beach unloading stores until July 14th, 1944, when it moved one and a half miles inland to Ver-sur-Mer. It was then announced that it would be used for infantry reinforcements. It was placed into suspended animation on August 17th, disbanded on August 21st. By August 31st, 1944 the last of the men had left the unit.
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    Hello Hutchie,

    I haven't got the War Diaries for the 2nd Bn Herts Regt, but here are the landing tables for Fifty Div on D-Day. Per TTH's message, in the 69th Infantry Brigade's table the 2nd Herts first appear at H+45...

    D-Day : Normandy 1944 - GOLD BEACH : British Troops



    From that list, they seem to have sent a few small marching parties. According to Ellis's Victory in the West, they came under LOC and Rear Maintenance Area Infantry.

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    All the above confirms my own knowledge of the 2nd Herts involvement in the D-Day Landings. (My father was part of this group). Thanks to Dryan67 for further details of months prior to June 6. TTH is correct about the monument at Ver Sur Mer. There is also a small museum nearby (called the American Museum I think) which has some info on the 9 Beach Group. I have photos if anyone would like them.
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    you have a pm mike :)
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    I've only just come across this post - I too have sent you a pm leekmike. :)
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    I researching Lt A G Sindall who was in the 2nd Bn Herts. I attach a pdf file which outlines what I am trying to do.

    Any info or 'steers' gratefully appreciated

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    186078 Lieutenant Athur Gordon SINDALL
    21st June 1912 - 4Q 1992 Dacorum, Hertfordfordshire
    Commissioned in the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment (London Gazette 20.5.1941 p.2880)
    He was a Platoon Officer, A Company 2nd Hertfordshire Regiment
    Transferred to the Pioneer Corps from the Beds & Herts (London Gazette 11.5.1945 p. 2474)
    I can't find a record of him in the casualty lists?

    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 17.55.18.png
    Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 17.52.34.png
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    Thanks Guy, I have never used The London Gazette before. I found it quite difficult, you have to be spot on with uppercase letters.

    I assume the numbers in brackets, are the Gazette's way of tracking entries for each person and is allocated the first time that person is mentioned in the Gazette.

    I had no idea he transferred to the Pioneer Corp, when he return home in late 1944 he and his men had been attached to the 2nd Bn Suffolk Reg.

    I assume it is that Pioneer Corp which looked after the PoW camps in the UK. His family definitely remember that he was based at the PoW camp just outside Aylesbury and I have seen (but did not log it down) that he was War Subs Maj at that time.
  13. VJR

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    Since last Sunday, I have been given a new set of papers.

    His Officers Release Book (Army Book X.803) In this he is listed as a T/Major.

    His Personal No is 186078 (same as the Gazette) I have to assume that this is his service No.

    The Book is stamped on 27 Feb 1946 by the Orderly at POW CAMP Aylesbury ( it is also Stamped on 24 Apr 1946) and Stamped on the 27 Feb 1946 by the Orderly at Dispersal Unit No3 Northampton.

    There is a letter from his commanding officer dated 18 April 1946 saying he will relinquish is commission as Major and be given the honorary rank of Captain, and this will appear in the London Gazette (Supplement). (I cannot find any record of this in the Gazette)

    He was married in FEB 45 and there is one of his cartoons dated April 1945 showing the Italian prisoners a Sawtry POW Camp HUNTS. being very polite to his wife..

    There is a newspaper cutting from the Evening Echo (6 June 1974) which mentions he was wounded in the left foot by a grenade shrapnel. I guess a visit to Kew is the only way of verifying this.

    There are other cartoons and comments about his time in the army prior to the invasion.
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    the 2nd Herts did see some action on D Day, clearing and mopping up east of La Riviere. One of its patrols went to clear the bunker between Gold and Juno but became pinned by fire from the ridge inland.
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    i would like to know more of what the 2nd Herts did on D-Day as my father took part in the landings but never really spoke about it , but he did take me to the beaches when I was very young , plus any photos would be welcome

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