2nd Bn, Welch Regiment

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    Marvellous!!!!! Here is part of my father's account. but as they didn't know where they were going to, they all put names on bits of paper for a sweepstake. One put Bangalore...... the other part he told at a Burma Star meeting in Edinburgh and concerned maps..."The boat got steam up. Still all I could hope for was that we would get some indication as to our disembarkation point and then I could perhaps have time to extract the relevant maps. However, steam-up, down the Hoogli Delta and out into the Bay of Bengal. We didn’t waste time of course. We got stuck into weapon training particularly. That Welch Regiment, which I said had been in India for a long time, had never seen Bren guns it was only the drafts out from the UK who had handled Brens, so there was quite a bit of that weapon training and, typical of someone’s army, perhaps Fred Karno’s Army, not one of these Bren guns had its firing pin. So, although we did a lot of dry drills, we had hoped to fire them into the sea at least, but that was out of the question. However we were lucky enough, dead lucky, because on the 5th March I think was when Rangoon fell and our poor steamer turned about and steamed back to Calcutta, where we got on another train, might have been the same bleeding one and headed south. And we eventually pulled in at Bangalore Station, the RSM won the sweep and there, waiting on the platform, waiting with open arms to receive us, talk about security, waiting to receive us with open arms, were our bearers whom we’d paid off and sacked, a fortnight before!

    ...I also see the name of the new CO.....who had been in WW1 I think! I have a story about him too!!!!
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    Would anyone know of any photos of officers of 2nd Battalion, Welch Regiment? Are there any in the aforementioned regimental history?

    If anyone can share any photos - ideally group photos or photos of the CO - this would be appreciated.
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    Hi Pember and I'm afraid that I cannot help but realise you are addressing to everyone and I would be interested too! I have only a few photos of my father on his own, but not sure exactly where they were taken either. Definitely India though.

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