2nd Battalion The Lincolnshire Regiment - help please

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    Hi - I'm not sure where to post this query to, so please forgive me.

    I'm looking for two of my great uncles - John William aka 'Johnny' & Francis Densham both of whom served in the 2nd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment.

    John William was already a soldier when the 2nd WW broke out and was in India in 1925.

    I believe at some point he was at Dinapore Cautomnents (not sure this is right)

    Many thanks for any help and advice

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I've listed the units war diary ref's below that are held at the National Archives in London. I already have a copy of the WO 167 one and if you can not get to TNA send me a private message as I offer forum members a copying service, just click the red link below.

    Good luck

    WO 167/786 2 Lincolnshire Regiment 1939 Aug.-1940 June

    WO 166/4425 2 Lincolnshire Regiment. 1940 July - 1941 Dec.

    WO 166/8784 2 Lincolnshire Regiment 1942 Jan.-Dec.

    WO 166/12671 2 Lincolnshire Regiment 1943 Jan.-Dec.

    WO 171/1334 2 Lincolnshire Regiment 1944 Jan.- Apr., June- Dec.

    WO 171/5231 2 Lincolnshire Regiment 1945 Jan.-Sept

    WO 169/20068 2 Lincolnshire Regiment 1945 Oct.- Dec.

    WO 169/23217 2 Lincolnshire Regiment 1946 Jan.- June

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