2nd Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment - August 1944

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    I'm doing some research on my grandfather, Peter Aubrey Batt, who served in the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment during WW2 (originally as 2nd Lieutenant and later as Captain). He was wounded in France, I think on 8th August 1944 - see attached record.

    My understanding is that he was shot in the face, but some time later two other members of the 2nd Battalion found him lying wounded as they were walking back to their base. They realised he was still alive and carried him back with them. He was fortunate enough to meet these two men again in Normandy before he died, when he returned for the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings, though unfortunately I don't know who they were.

    I'm rather inexperienced in this, so any information or pointers people could give me would be hugely appreciated. I'm interested in all elements of his experience of the war, though I'm particularly looking to find out the circumstances of the events of 8th August 1944.

    Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can help.


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    Hello Clare
    Welcome to the forum.
    If no one in the family has previously applied for a copy of your grandfather's records, I'd recommend you do so. These are the basis for research, only they would include complete details such as dates of promotion, transfers, courses, entry into theatre of war, as well as campaign medals awarded etc
    Request records of deceased service personnel

    London Gazette - Commission
    The undermentioned Cadets from Sandhurst, and 162nd Officer Cadet Training Units, to be 2nd Lt. 26th Oct. 1940:—
    R. War. R.
    Peter Aubrey BATT (153851).

    British Army WW2 War Diaries are held in the National Archives at Kew.
    This should be the one covering his battalion in NWE, 1944 when he was wounded.
    2 Royal Warwickshire Regiment | The National Archives
    As an officer he is more likely to be mentioned in daily entries; he certainly would be listed in weekly Officer Returns.

    Do you know if a Regimental / Old Comrades Association was involved in the 50th anniversary trip to Normandy? Perhaps they have records of who attended, or are in contact with someone who might know.

    These might be of help :
    ROYAL Warwickshire OLD Comrades

    Good luck with your research.
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    Your grandfather gets a mention in the regimental history by Cuncliffe. In Aug 1944 he was the Adjutant so may have written the regimental war diary entries. It has him listed as being wounded between the 3rd Aug and the 8th. He joined the battalion on the 24th June 1944.
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    Thank you so much both of you for taking the time to reply, that's really helpful.

    dbf - Yes I've spoken to my dad about getting a copy of my grandfather's records and he's going to apply. I'm a little unclear about what they mean by next of kin - I'm presuming they mean surviving next of kin, in which case I expect my dad would qualify. I live in Warwick so I thought I'd also pay a visit to St John's Museum, as I understand they have a floor dedicated to the Royal Warwickshire. The National Archives is on my list too so thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

    Oddly enough I had a further conversation with my dad about the trip to Normandy and, although my grandfather did go, my dad now thinks he may have met the men who saved him on another occasion around that time, at a local event. It just goes to show how family accounts aren't always as reliable as you might expect! My dad said he heard the account from my grandma. It seems my grandfather rarely spoke about the war to his own children, although he did share some stories with me when I did a school project on Coventry during WW2 (he was stationed at Budbrooke Barracks at the time and they were sent to help with the clean-up operation in the aftermath of the Coventry Blitz).

    Drew5233 - Thank you, I will try and get hold of a copy of the Cuncliffe book. It's interesting that my grandfather joined the battalion on 24th June 1944 - I initially assumed he was in it for the duration of the war, although he clearly wasn't involved in the terrible massacre in Wormhoudt so it seems obvious now that he couldn't have been. Hopefully his records will list where he was before June 1944. Apart from his involvement in the Coventry clean-up all I know is that he travelled up to Scotland prior to D-Day for some kind of planning exercise and was involved in the landings themselves. My dad's memory isn't that great but he remembers my grandfather keeping in touch with his Batman for many years - possibly named Hollis - and visiting him in Staffordshire. Perhaps I will find out more about him too during my search - I like to think of him being slightly amused to find out he was Batman to a Batt!
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    Thank you Owen, that's useful. It looks as though the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum in Warwick may hold copies of the war diaries too and we're local so I will speak them and look at whether I can see copies for July and August as well.
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    Cunliffe's book only mentions him once [page 108 in mine], and that is amongst a group of Officers wounded on the 6 & 7th Aug 1944 close to Vire. The 2nd Bn were relieved the night of the 8th Aug and by am of the 9th were back close to Presles.

    "Major Brundock and 22 other ranks had been killed; 143 men were wounded, and 30 missing. Six Officers were also wounded: Captain P.A. Batt (the adjutant).............................."

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