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    I understand that the 2nd Bn South Staffs suffered many casualties in July 1943 during the invasion of Sicily, especially through gliders crashing into the sea because of early release. The question I have is does anybody know if the survivors of these crashed gliders received the Goldfish Club membership? Cheers, Rick
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    Don't think any awards are mentioned in the book 'By Land, Sea and Air', but then of course this doesn't prove anything.....in addition I'd add I've never heard of any other member of the 1st A/L Brigade getting membership of the club for Sicily.......and many of them did come down in the sea on that fateful night.....
  3. A friends Grand Father was killed in a accident on the 27 Jun 43, prior to Op, she is looking for more detail of his death. Realize that it may be difficult as WD are not individual specific. Any one got anything?
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    Lawrence I think you may be referring to an incident when the tail fell off a Waco glider when the Battalion was being moved from Froha to Sousse. My father was on that C Company glider but was ordered off by CSM Joey Glynn who had been in hospital but had discharged himself so that the would not be left behind and become separated from the Battalion. Later he watched run horror from another glider as he saw it fold up and fall to the ground. All on board were killed and are buried in Enfidaville cemetery.
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  5. Yes that sounds about right. Thanks for the info

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