2nd 15th Punjab Regiment's fighting withdrawal in Borneo

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    Here's an article about a good battalion really fighting against the odds - the jungle as well as the Japanese:


    After putting the article up I then found out about the posthumous awards of the Indian Order of Merit, plus the other awards that were made just before or just after Indian and Pakistani independence, and I added Appendix III.

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    Some interesting sources there, I will hopefully have a read of it tonight.
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    Thanks Harry, as idler says, some useful sources and information.
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    It is a great piece of research and well presented.
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    A great story about what was clearly an outstanding unit. After reading so many sad and depressing things about III Indian Corps in Malaya, the performance of the 2/15th seems especially meritorious. It is also clear proof that even this early in the war in the Far East well-led and well-trained Indian units could indeed beat the Japs.

    And that bit about Plan B is pure Percival, nailing a unit to a geographical point like a goat for sacrifice. He was a fine battalion officer in his youth, a good staff man, and no commander whatsoever. Every time I read about him I want to kick him.
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    Excellent stuff!

    I first read about this epic in the correspondent Indian official history "Campaigns in South-East Asia, 1941-42", but me mates around here know I can never get enough of ABDACOM :D
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    Harry Fecitt, the author of the cited link in the opening post has published Part 2: The Soldier's Burden It is a grim read in places.

    It includes details on the awards made and a few who didn't get them. I just looked at one of the later, an Intelligence Corps Sgt. Joseph Feely (Harry used Feeley), who was captured in April 1942, when the formation surrendered and survived until 28/7/1945. It is unclear how, but those closing months were grim too; one POW camp went on a "death march" and the other had problems.
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    The Story of this remarkable group of men is very moving.
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    My book, "The Borneo Graveyard 1941-1945", which was published in Kota Kinabalu in March 2020, describes the deployment of 2/15 PR to Sarawak, the Miri Det, their fighting on the Bukit Stabar airstrip near Kuching and then their 800 mile fighting withdrawal through the Borneo jungle and eventual captivity. It is an epic story, The book covers all of the Japanese Occupation of Borneo from 1941-1945. If anyone is interested in my book, which took 12 years to research then I can be contacted on johnsmtulloch@gmail.com. I am the sole UK distributor. My book flyer is attached.

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    Have you got a Facebook page or similar, John, as I know some locals who might be interested. Or is there already a distributor in West Malaysia?
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    Just emailed Harry Fecitt, the author of the two articles referred to here. He has not been aboard since 2016.
  12. Amber39

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    Thanks David - I am following this up with the author.
    Best Regards Harry
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    Harry Fecitt contacted me yesterday by email enquiring about book costs and postage.

    The book costs £25 and weighs 1.6 kgs, so that has an effect on postage. The packaging is £0.67/book.
    a. Portugal and Europe = £15.25 (tracked and signed). Total £25 + £15.25 + £0.67 = £40.92
    b. UK = £4.20 (signed for). Total £25 + £4.20 + £0.67 = £29.87

    A question was asked by Idler whether there is a Malaysian distributor. The distributor is Opus Publications, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The cost in Malaysia is MYR 130. Datuk CL Chan is my publisher.

    The book took 12 years of research in UK, Singapore, Sarawak, Brunei, Sabah, Labuan and Australia. I was hoping to launch my book in KK in March 2020, but C-19 occurred. We hope to launch in 2022! As an aside, I have been heavily involved in SE Asia and in north Borneo for over 25 years.


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