2988075 Private Henry Taylor CHAPMAN, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders: POW

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    I am researching my Uncle Harry (above) who was a Private and Piper in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders during the war. From the information I have found, he seemed to have been a prisoner of war twice. I am unsure if I am reading this correctly. In December 1942 he was reported as "missing" while serving in North Africa. In February 1943 this was changed to a Prisoner of War. However, I have him in two different places and both are undated. The first is as POW no 258401 in Stalag 4a, Hohenstein. The second document has him as a POW in Italy in a Military Hospital 206, Nocera 3400.

    Can anyone clarify this for me or even give me information?

    Many thanks.
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    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: H T Chapman
    Rank: Private
    Army Number: 2988075
    Regiment: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
    POW Number: 258401
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: IV-A
    Camp Location: Hohenstein, Hesse

    These are his details for the time he was in a German POW camp - others will have his details for when he was in an Italian POW camp. Essentially when Italy backed out of the war in 1943, all the POW's in Italy were shipped to Germany.

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    Thank you! I wondered if he could have been transferred. I didn’t think he could be so unlucky twice!
    You have been very helpful.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    It’s likely he was POW only once - initially in Italy and subsequently in Germany.

    The normal process would be that a man would initially be reported as missing in action until official notification was sent by the Red Cross to U.K. authorities that the man was officially a Prisoner of War.

    British POW from North Africa were initially held in Italy. Some were sent to Germany pre Sept 1943 but the bulk went to Germany after that date when the Italian Armistice was concluded.

    You ought to apply to Swiss Red Cross for his POW records on 25th May via this link -

    Requests for information about people held during Spanish Civil War or Second World War: Quarterly limit reached

    Check the site at 8am BST and the online application form should be visible. If not check the site every 30 minutes until it is visible. You need to complete and submit the form quickly as the application window closes after about 2 hours due to over subscription. It is a free service nd you get a reply through the post not less than 4 months later.

    If you want to have sight of his service records you need to apply to U.K. MOD via this this link -

    Get a copy of military service records

    When UK National Archive opens you could look to see if he completed a liberation questionnaire on his return to U.K.

    Good Luck

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    I have asked another member who has FMP membership to provide the details of the lists that include him as 'missing', 'wounded' and from the Italian POW camp records

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    Wow! I will certainly do that.

    Thank you so much for your help.
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  8. Lynnie57

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    Is that 8am UK time? I'm asking because I live in Australia.
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    It would have been 9am, as its presently 10:00 am here

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    Have you accessed the FMP website to obtain his details that you gave us in your opening post

    Re time - try Australia Time Zones | GMT

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    He was reported as going missing on 28/11/1942. North Africa. 1943 reported as previously missing now POW. Later list in 1943, previously reported as POW, now reported as Wounded and POW. Initially held in Camp 206 Italy, then transferred to Stalag 4A Hohenstein Germany. Liberated 1945. POW number 258401
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    Here are extracts from two documents in my possession:

    From North Africa, where he was taken prisoner, he would have been brought to Italy and would have been treated in the military hospital at Nocera, near Naples. This is from document WO 392/21 National Archives, London:

    Chapman A&S .jpg

    After the Italian Armistice (8 September) he would have been taken to Germany. This is from document WO 392 /1 IMperial POWs in Germany, September 1944, National Archives, London.


    Attached Files:

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    Yes I found the information on the Forces War Records website. I was trying to make sense of them and you have all been very helpful.
  15. Lynnie57

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    Thank you so much! This has helped me so much.
  16. Lynnie57

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    This confirms the information I found but didn't understand! Thank you.
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    Hi Lynnie, was Henry born in the Camlachie district of Scotland 1915 (mothers maiden name Taylor) and died in Glasgow 1980?

    Marriage to Christina Dear Cullen 1941 in the Gorbals district? Possible child Henry Taylor Chapman born 1949 in Kelvingrove and sadly died the same year.

    If that's him, Henry's birth, marriage and the child's death can be viewed on the website Scotlandspeople if you purchase 30 Credits for £7.50.

    Welcome to the forum.

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  18. Lynnie57

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    Thank you. That is him. I have actually managed to get these certificates just today and from Scotland’s People!

    I have written a blog post today about him on my family tree blog and managed to include all this information.

    Thank you very much for taking the trouble to let me know!

  19. amberdog45

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    Hi Lynn,

    That's no problem. If that was his son's death in 1949 I can see if I can find an announcement in the newspaper.

    When he married, what type of religion did they choose? If Catholic, we might be able to find the burial in 1949.

    Edit: post the death details from 1949 if you have them.
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    The child was a twin- Henry Taylor Chapman and Christopher Dear Chapman. Henry passed away at just 20 hours old; Christopher died at just one day old on 3 February 1949.

    They were Church of Scotland and married in Augustine Church, Glasgow on 28/3/1941.

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