2929293 Pte. Leslie NEWNES, 5th Seaforth Highlanders: 13/07/1943

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    Hi All

    Trying to find out anything about this man.

    Service Number: 2929293
    Regiment & Unit: 5th Bn.
    Seaforth Highlanders
    Date of Death: 13 July 1943
    Age 24 years old
    Buried or commemorated at SYRACUSE WAR CEMETERY, SICILY
    Grave Reference: VII. B. 15.
    Location: Italy
    Additional Info: Son of John and Nellie Newnes, of Childwall, Liverpool.

    He is a friends uncle. They only found where he was buried a few years back. Does the Britishwargraves photograph website cover Sicily?

    Before I go looking, does anyone know if any diaries are available for the 5th Seaforths, or anything about them.

    Leslie is listed on the Liverpool Scottish WW2 roll of honour.


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    Bloomin Eck Owen. Cheers mate, I mean it. Thank you.
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    Pages 108 & 109 from the 51st Div history by Salmond regarding 5th Seaforths for 13th July 1943

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    Great info Owen. Thank you.
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    From Seaforth Highlanders by John Sym:

    152 Brigade was in Divisional Reserve for the invasion of Sicily and in, consequence, landed from Landing Craft Infantry on, or in some cases off, the beaches of Cape Passero, at about 1pm on the 10th July. Most Landing Craft Assault had cut loose in the rough weather of the crossing from Malta. The brigade advanced inland with little opposition at first.

    on 14th July, at about 2.30pm, the first main encounter took place at the village of Francofonte. Here, a battalion of German Parachutists, brought by air from the South of France, put up stiff opposition for nearly 36 hours. The 5th Battalion suffered heavy casualties and it was not until the 2nd Battalion made a full battalion attack, on the evening of 15th July, that the enemy were forced to withdraw, with the loss of half their strength.

    There may be more detail in the battalion's war diary at the National Archives :
    WO 169/10292 5 Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) 1943 Jan.- Oct.
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    Thank you for the help
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    Hello new to this site,i have info and some pics and a bit of a sad story,he was my late fathers cousin (i think)lived in childwall wartime,anyway hope to hear from you my name is mark.
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    Excellent...please do share anything appropriate about your father's cousin.

    I shall be in Sicily in July to mark the 80th invasion/38 day campaign of 8th Army's journey from Pachino to Messina and have great interest in these events.

    In terms of photos etc, you may be interested to know that there is an initiative about to get underway to create a "Faces of Sicily" programme in coordination with the Catania War Museum in order to place photos of men who were killed in Sicily (in laminate) at the CWGC cemeteries at Syracuse and Catania. The Canadians already do this at Agira as well as walking 325km (!) in July all the way from their landing beaches to Adrano.

    best wishes
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    Leslie Newnes Seaforth Highlanders 4th from right.
    1374908_10200949741611271_1661264174_n (1).jpg
    and sadly notification of death.
    580802_10200949784132334_511048507_n (1).jpg
    ive posted 2 pics

    glad i have posted at Remembrance weekend.
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    ive posted 3 pics.

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