2739223 Ian Groucutt GLEN, Welsh Guards

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    I could photograph Hornchurch
    The difficult bit might be figuring out how to post them! I know - I will take a look at the many explainations already posted.

    Mod Edit dbf:
    Mike, I added in the photos you emailed to me. Thanks very much, you did a great job.

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    Thanks Mike,
    I checked - I have 2 war grave photos already from Hornchurch but not this chap:
    GLEN, IAN GROUCUTT, Guardsman 2739223 Welsh Guards Sec. A. Grave 1773. CWGC :: Casualty Details

    The memorials certainly would be useful if you can manage that - no rush at all.

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    Popped out a couple of hours ago and got your man GLEN. Not surprised it wasn't found before, it's not a CWGC headstone - rather an unusual one.

    The photos of the memorial and especially the plaques are a bit tricky due to the highly reflective marble (they were only put up a few years ago) so I will go back in better lighting to re-take those.

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  4. Mike L

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    Thanks for editing to add the pics to my previous post, you are a star!
    Didn't take too long to find the missing grave, about an hour, and it lead to an interesting discussion with the adjacent church's maintenance man. That lead me to post a thread about a mystery plaque found recently - see main forum.

    All the best,

  5. dbf

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    Guardsman GLEN, IAN GROUCUTT
    Service Number 2739223
    Died 30/06/1944
    Aged 18
    Welsh Guards
    Son of Gordon Duncan Glen and Lena Glen. of Hornchurch.
    Location: Essex, United Kingdom
    Number of casualties: 105
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Sec. A. Grave 1773.
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