2734613 Jack Arthur BARHAN, DCM, 3 Welsh Guards attached 1st Canadian Light A/A Battalion

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    Name Barhan, Jack Arthur
    Rank: Serjeant
    Service No: 2734613
    Regiment: 3 Battalion Welsh Guards,6 Armoured Division on attachment to 1 Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Battalion
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Distinguished Conduct Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 08 March 1945
    Date 1945
    Catalogue reference WO 373/10

    12th Canadian Infantry, 5th Canadian Armoured Division, 1 Canadian Corps
    2734613 War Substantive Sergeant Jack Arthur BARHAN, 3rd Battalion WELSH GUARDS, 6th Armoured Division on attachment to 1st Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Battalion.

    On 3rd September 1944, the Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Battalion was advancing towards an objective near MISANO. Enemy sniper and mortar fire was very heavy and about six hundred yards short of the objective the Company Commander and the only remaining Platoon Commander were both seriously wounded. At the same time two PANTHER tanks appeared and started to over-run the Company, which by this time was in imminent danger of becoming disorganised.

    Sergeant BARHAN, who was acting as Company Sergeant Major, immediately took over the Company, rallied the men, and, showing great initiative, so disposed the anti-tank weapons that the enemy armoured attack was beaten off.

    The mortar and machine-gun fire was still intense but Sergeant BARHAN crawled over open ground from one Platoon position to another, encouraging and directing his men. He then continued to lead the Company forward until the objective was reached and consolidated.

    On the following morning the Company, under a new Company Commander, continued its advance, again through heavy mortar and shell fire. On reaching the objective the new Company Commander was killed by shell fire and once again Sergeant BARHAN took over the Company. Under increasingly heavy fire he organised a strong defensive position and commanded the Company until he was relieved that evening.

    His courage was indomitable and his coolness under fire an example and an inspiration to the rest of the Company.

    This Non-Commissioned Officer was directly responsible on both occasions for his Company being able to hold the ground it had gained. His courage, devotion to duty, initiative and leadership upheld the very highest traditions of the Service.

    Granted an Immediate D.C.M.

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