2733859 David Glyndwr SPOWART, No 1 Company, 3 Welsh Guards

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    2733859 David Glyndwr SPOWART, No1 Company (July 44), 3.Welsh
    Guards, 1st Infantry Brigade, 6th Armoured Division

    Enlisted 1934. 1st & 3rd Battalion

    96D573AE-9443-43AA-8320-DB571B9E675F.jpeg 3183E7F8-560A-4632-81BA-4E31F4E8C06D.jpeg B83E9C25-3408-4C37-BE55-5F7F8E9911DD.jpeg
    7955BAB6-3F68-44F1-A5D7-9E8B66865FE5.jpeg DBCF0ABA-26EE-464D-B647-7DC18DBDC837.jpeg 62060CB1-C03F-441B-9684-E5FB19593787.jpeg A3335BE7-D4FF-41F5-B22D-96C59A451018.jpeg 11DE7702-3537-4821-A09C-B1E20AC6B9E6.jpeg EA320A2B-8513-4719-B33B-D2D0FF8DF248.jpeg 3883571B-FF8E-48BD-849E-5B55953ECC99.jpeg A2B94C82-40DC-4FB3-AB20-8AD7F2D70595.jpeg 01BCB125-DA93-456A-ABE3-834CCEB33FEB.jpeg
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    Thank you again, unfortunately not on the names front, although I can see a few of the large group (August ‘44) in the picture on Route 71 with the camo smocks on. Hoping it will help others.
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    You never know who might get in touch as a result.
    Thanks again.
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    Nice photos. For information he is reported as being wounded in the casualty lists in North Africa on 8.5.43 along with a number of others from the 3rd Bn.

    A question - do you happen to know where photo 3 (indoor group of 7) was taken.
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    Thanks for sharing.

    The men are cleaning Lewis Guns in pic 6 - replaced by Bren Gun for WW2.

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    Thank you, are you able to post the casualty lists or do you any more information regarding this ?

    In terms of the third photo there was no annotation on the rear I’m afraid. There is a mix of battledress being worn so I would surmise that this is between the fall of France and Operation Torch on the premise that no ribbons bars are being worn.
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    Absolutely, he joined in 1934, he’d have been one year or so in at that point. In the other pre-war pics you can see them wearing puttees too !
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    Apologies, remiss if me, he suffered wounds to his thigh and chest having been mortared in North Africa - not long after they landed. I’ll need to check where that happened - any information you might have I.e. location etc would be gratefully appreciated. I have attached the elements of phis paperwork documenting the wounds.

    Thank you
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    In my avatar you can see my father and his mate (commissioned 1944) on active service with 3rd CG in Palestine 1939 and wearing puttees ready for Guard Duty.

    My father (3rd from right) is holding a Lewis Gun (in a cover) on returning from a 48 hour patrol in Palestine.

    The chap in the rear wearing a service dress cap was later awarded VC in Italy Sept 1943 as CSM Peter Wright 3rd CG.


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    I’ve seen very few pics of puttees in the Western Theatres but am aware they were used in the East. Again, the weapons used in Italy are also quite different with heavy reliance on lend lease (very few pics of Stens many pics of Thompsons !) and the randomly SMLEs in lieu of number 4s.

    As can be seen in pic 9 they’re also wearing US shirts.
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    Afraid that casualty lists are just that, a list of number, name, rank and a date, so they do not provide any further detail or information.
    Note that the meaning of the handwritten numbers is unknown.

    The reason I asked about the photo is, believe it or not, about the wallpaper!! I have a photo of my father with the same background and it has also appeared a couple of other times see this link:-
    Photo odds and ends - hopefully something for everyone

    I am intrigued in where the photo was taken, whilst in your photo there are no decorations on display in dad's case he is wearing the Africa Star and also his MID, I place the photo as after Q1 1944 by which time he was in Italy.
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    Very interesting, perhaps a studio in Naples cashing in … I see exactly what you mean - wallpaper is 100% match.

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