2723650 Henry TRIMBLE, MM, 3 Irish Guards

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    Name: TRIMBLE, Henry
    DOB: 1920, 1st Quarter
    Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
    Parents: Mr Trimble and Mrs Trimble nee Flanagan
    Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 01.40.02.png

    Army Number: 2723650
    Rank: Guardsman
    Regiment/Battalion: Irish Guards, 3rd Battalion, No. 1 Company.
    Enlisted: 1943

    Army Casualty List (WO 417):
    The Times Casualty List:

    Gallantry Award: Military Medal
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North West Europe 1944-45
    London Gazette: 27th February 1945 https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/36961/supplement/1181/data.pdf
    TNA Link: Recommendation for Award for Trimble, Henry Rank: Guardsman Service No: ... | The National Archives

    "2723650 Guardsman Henry TRIMBLE, 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS
    Directly the leading platoon of the 3IG Battle Group had crossed the DE GROOTE BARRIER over the MEUSE-ESCAUT Canal on the night of 10 September 1944, the Royal Engineer Officer required four men to assist him in removing the charges from the bridge. Guardsman TRIMBLE was one of the four Guardsmen who carried out this extremely dangerous work, calmly and efficiently handling dangerous explosives which he was not accustomed with. His task entailed the climbing of ladders to remove the charges and this had to be done under enemy fire. In addition, there was an exploding ammunition truck by the bridge.

    It was only through the extreme bravery of Guardsman TRIMBLE and his comrades that the charges could be removed and the bridge saved from destruction."

    TRIMBLE H, 3IG.png
    Campaign Medals:
    Medal Roll Details:

    War Diaries:
    War Diary: 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1944
    War Diary: 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1945

    Joe's Bridge or someone else's
    Market Garden & Normandy
    "And there was one bloke who had been rewarded at Joe’s Bridge. He was in my company originally and he and three others were grabbed by our Sergeant Major Osborne and told to go and guard the people taking the explosives off of Joe’s Bridge and he did. They all got MMs. Two of them disappeared, deserted the following week, and this fellow who was a mine of business, he stayed on for a reward and he was put in the snipers. So when we came to rest at Nijmegen he said: ‘Oh I want to go back every night to see my mates on the bridge.’ And he said to the Drill Sergeant, ‘Drill Sergeant I’m all right Drill Sergeant I’ll be back in the morning.’ I said: ‘What the bloody hell do want to go down there for, they’re shelling that every night.’ ‘Ah but there’s Margy’s Brothel down there and it’s wonderful fun.’ And I said ‘Bloody hell.’ Trimble! And he went back every night. My God, I can’t believe it."
    [There's a strong possibility this was one of the other 4 men who received MM for Joe's bridge. Another account states that Henry Trimble "went to Paris for 3 days to recover" so missing the presentation of his award by F-M Montgomery - who was told that the absence was necessitated by 'a bad case of the 'flu'. ]

    Archive Files: WO 373/52

    Publications: IG History, page 477
    "They had got the bridge. The Squadron and Company swept across to join them. The first to follow was a Sapper officer, Captain HUTTON, with a party of four Guardsmen of No. 2 Company - Guardsmen Trimble [1 Coy], C. Mollard, E. Colethorpe and K. Fielding, who had been detailed as "You, you, you and you." They climbed over the side of the bridge and cut the cables. The machine-gun bullets were drumming into the wooden beams, but they worked steadily till they had moved the detonators from the charges in the piers."

    From WAR DIARY, 3rd Bn, Irish Guards:
    “September 10, 1944; EAST OF HECHTEL
    As is often the case, the 1/50000 scale map bore no resemblance to the ground and after one company and one squadron had been launched on the chosen axis it was proved that the going was entirely unsuitable to tanks. Luckily, No 4 Company, which had been sent forward for this task of ground recce were able to disengage from the enemy with very light casualties and the Battalion group followed up the C.L. of the GRENADIER GUARDS group who had discovered a bridge by means of which tanks could cross the otherwise impassable ground. Having reached the main rd to the ESCAUT Canal, the I.G. group were ordered to hook right and make for the bridge over the ESCAUT at de GROOT BARRIER. During the approach march we met no opposition and civilians and elements of H.C.R. informed us that there were no enemy SOUTH of the Canal. We reached the area of the bridge as light was failing and the Commanding Officer, after a rapid recce, decided to try and rush it. No. 2 Coy and one squadron of tanks were detailed for the job. The tanks put down a hail of fire on the area of the bridge itself and succeeded in knocking out several unarmed 88 mm Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Tank guns.

    Lt. STANLEY-CLARKE’s pl. preceded by a troop of tanks then rushed the bridge itself and succeeded in reaching the opposite side. The remainder of No. 2 Coy and No. 3 Coy were quickly pushed across to join them and the position was rapidly consolidated.

    The R.E. Officer* with the Bn succeeded in disconnecting all the charges which were in position to blow the bridge, and the crossing of the ESCAUT had been successfully achieved. Total casualties for the day were one Other Rank killed and 5 Other Ranks wounded.”

    [N.B. Four Guardsman received Military Medals for this action at Joe's Bridge: - H. Trimble, C. Mollard, E. Colethorpe & K. Fielding assisted a *Royal Engineers officer, Captain Ronald David Hutton 615 Field Sqn RE, in removing charges and received MMs. Collin Mollard was killed later, on 4th March 1945.]

    Irish Guards: Gallantry Awards & Honours - WWII Open Resource Group
    Joes Bridge
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    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details


    269055 War substantive Lieutenant Ronald David HUTTON, 615 Field Squadron, ROYAL ENGINEERS
    32 Guards Brigade, Guards Armoured Division, 30 Corps

    On the night of 10 September 1944 Lieutenant HUTTON advanced with the leading platoon of the assault party to capture the DE GROOTE BARRIER over the MEUSE-ESCAUT Canal. The bridge was covered with three enemy 88mmm Anti-Tank guns and many spandaus.

    In spite of this opposition Lieut. HUTTON, with total disregard for his own personal safety, examined the firing mechanism of the bridge in the glare of a blazing ammunition lorry on the bridge site, and successfully neutralised all the charges.

    The initiative and gallant conduct of this officer was instrumental in enabling the column following up to maintain a bridge head and keep the centre line for further movement.

    Recommended for Immediate MC
    Signed Lt. Col. J. VANDELEUR, Officer Commanding, 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS
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    From Dad's Album: Henry Trimble left, Robert McCourt right.
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    Corp P Brennan's Squad, March 1943.png

    Back Row (Left to Right): Guardsman R. Waring, Guardsman R. Watts, Guardsman J. Atkinson, Guardsman G. Lilley, Guardsman T. Carey, Guardsman W. McLaughlin

    Second Row (Standing): Guardsman R. Robinson, Guardsman H. Moore, Guardsman E. Allen, Trained Soldier J. Hosey, Guardsman M. Trainer, Guardsman Henry Trimble, Guardsman J. Mounsey

    Front Row: Guardsman Syd Davie, Guardsman I. Craig, *Corporal P. Brennan (Squad Inst.), Serjeant J. Tymon (Supt. Serjeant), Guardsman T. Gallagher, Guardsman D. Foynes

    Former forum member Eejit is also in this squad photo. Syd served in the 2nd Armoured Battalion, Irish Guards. He shared with me how he got his nickname, thanks to their Corporal - and a misunderstanding with Henry.

    *Corporal Patrick Brennan would later be awarded the Military Medal for an action in Normandy during which he was badly wounded.
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    Nominal s
    LG Officers
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