2722562 Eric KIRKPATRICK, 3 Irish Guards

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    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Remembered Distington Memorial Cumbria.

    2722562, Guardsman Eric Kirkpatrick, 3rd bn., Irish Guards, who died age 36 on 7 August 1944.
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    Guardsman Eric Kirkpatrick, 2722562, 3rd Bn. Irish Guards who died age 36 on 7 August 1944.
    Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick.; husband of Evelyn Kirkpatrick, of Cheadle Cheshire.
    Remembered with honour Bayeux Memorial.
    Panel 12, column 2.
    Also remembered Distington memorial Cumbria.

    The Army Roll of Honour states that Eric Kirkpatrick was born in Cumberland.
    CWGC :: Certificate
    He was the only fatality for that day from the 3rd Battalion.

    The war diary for 3rd Battalion Irish Guards for Monday 7th August 1944 states:
    During the night 6/7th, excellent work was done by the Pioneer PL, commanded by Cap. D.E. COMPTON, in clearing MONTCHAMP of mines and booby traps. No. 1 Coy cleared the village while the Carrier Pl distinguished themselves on patrols at the entrances.

    The Bn was ordered to secure the area between MONTCHAMP and ESTRY for a gun area for 15 (S) Div. No 1 Coy proceeded through MONTCHAMP to PONT a L’ECRIVAIN. X Coy passed through No 1 Coy to the area of Les ECOUBLET. These Coys met no opposition, except road blocks which were booby trapped. No 1 Coy later moved up to the right of X Coy, and Bn HQ, Nos 2 and 4 Coys moved into the area of PONT a L’ECRIVAIN.

    The whole Bn area was subject to sporadic mortar fire, and also to several “overs” of S.A. fire, but fortunately there were only a few casualties.
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    Service Number 2722562
    Died 07/08/1944
    Aged 36
    3rd Bn. Irish Guards
    Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Kirkpatrick; husband of Evelyn Kirkpatrick, of Cheadle, Cheshire.
    Commemorated at BAYEUX MEMORIAL
    Location: Calvados, France
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Panel 12, Column 2.
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