2701209 Desmond CLARKSON, MM, 1 Scots Guards

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    Name Clarkson, Desmond
    Rank: Guardsman
    Service No: 2701209
    Regiment: 1 Battalion Scots Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 07 December 1944
    Date 1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/8

    24th Guards Brigade, 6th SA Armoured Division, 13 Corps
    2701209 Guardsman Desmond CLARKSON, 1st Battalion SCOTS GUARDS

    On 26th June 1944, in the SARTEANO Sector of the Brigade front, the Battalion was ordered to attack and capture Point 846 - a feature known to be, by reason of its commanding position, the keystone in the German defensive line.

    Left Flank, the company in which Guardsman CLARKSON served as a Bren gunner, led the attack. The Company was pinned down by fire from an enemy Machine Gun post which was preventing further forward movement. Guardsman CLARKSON, showing great initiative and a big degree of courage ran with his L.M.G. across and open piece of ground which was under fire and found a position from which he silenced the enemy post, killing the German manning it and thus enabling the company to advance to its objective which it succeeded in occupying after bitter hand to hand fighting.

    During this fighting Guardsman CLARKSON's platoon was on the right flank of the Company assault and found itself in close contact with the enemy on the edge of a thick wood. The area was under constant and accurate mortar and shell fire.

    German infantry started to infiltrate through the woods to the side of and behind the company positions. Hand grenades were thrown - the Germans being by this time only a few yards distant. Guardsman CLARKSON remained calm and collected throughout and maintained a high rate of steady and accurate fire - killing some Germans and wounding others. His keen observation, accurate use of his weapon and complete coolness under the most trying circumstances undoubtedly saved the position from being over-run, thus enabling his Company to hold an essential piece of ground.

    Signed R.D. CARDIFF, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 1st Battalion SCOTS GUARDS

    Granted an Immediate M.M.

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