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    Hello Guards experts.

    Can anyone tell me what happened to Guardsman Fenton? Imprisoned in PG 53, he was transferred to a work camp in Piemonte from where he escaped at the armistice and is quoted by George Evans BBC People's War Article ID: A200114 and in War Crimes Investigation, WO 310/71: Cavagiglia, Italy killing of a British soldier:

    About 0900 hrs on 18 Oct 44 the British escaped PW were walking along a road towards Brianco station. They had assisted in partisan activites and were dressed in civilian clothing.

    When 150 yards away they saw several German soldiers at the station, they turned and ran into a nearby garden. The Germans saw them running and opened fire, killing one and wounding the other. The deceased was known by the local people as Percy and the wounded man as Joseph.

    Percy was left dead in the garden, Joseph was taken away by train to Biella and nothing is known of what became of him.

    He doesn't appear among the War Dead on cwgc.org. Would I be correct in assuming he was sent to a Stalag in Germany/German held territory?

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    Casualty list 1776 dated 7 June 1945 has him "Previously reported POW in German hands (Germany) now not POW".
    Scotts Guards enlistment record has him as attested 4.12.36 and this entry in remarks:


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    Name: J Fenton
    Rank: Guardsman
    Army Number: 2695497
    Regiment: Scots Guards
    POW Number: 141805
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: VII-A
    Camp Location: Moosburg an der Isar, Bavaria
    Record Office: Scots Guards Record Office, 25/28, Buckingham Gate, London, SW1
    Record Office Number: 13

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    Thanks a lot - just what I was looking for.

    The newspaper cutting refers to when he was initially taken prisoner. I needed to know that the Germans did the correct thing when they recaptured him on 18 October 1944 - that is, that they and sent him on to Germany.
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