2693911 William Arthur BARBER, MM, 1 Scots Guards

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    Name Barber, William Arthur
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Service No: 2693911
    Regiment: 1 Battalion Scots Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia)
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 23 September 1943
    Date 1943-1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/2

    24th Guards Brigade,
    2693911 Guardsman, Lance-Corporal William Arthur BARBER, 1st Battalion SCOTS GUARDS

    On April 22nd, 1943 Lance-Corporal BARBER was in charge of the Stretcher Bearers of B Company.

    The Company was under command 5th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS, and in moving down an exposed forward slope. North East of GRENADIER HILL the Company came under Mortar Fire and suffered casualties.

    Lance-Corporal BARBER attended to each wounded man in turn, quite regardless of the fire and set an example of courage which was an inspiration to the whole Company.

    On April 23rd during the attack on Point 145, the Company were subjected to severe Mortar and Machine Gun fire and sustained casualties. These casualties were lying in the open between two features held by the enema and in full view. The enemy maintained their fire, so Lance-Corporal BARBER with the help of the Stretcher bearers dug slit trenches into which the wounded were placed - as it was impossible to move them without drawing fire.

    For three days Lance-Corporal BARBER kept them alive (the heat of the sun was intense) with their emergency rations and such water as he could acquire. When this supply was exhausted, he fed them on beans picked in a nearby field.

    By night he evacuated them one by one carrying them across country held by the enemy for a distance of four miles. By this method he he eventually succeed in rescuing all the wounded.

    Lance-Corporal BARBER apart from this particular feat of courage and endurance was present with his Company throughout the fighting April 22nd to April 28th.

    Downgraded from D.C.M. Granted M.M.

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