2622592 Dennis John DUGGAN, 3rd Bn Grenadier Guards: Info/War Diaries

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    2622592 ~ Lance Corporal Duggan Dennis John 1st Army; 3rd Battalion.
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    Just added his name to the numerical list, thanks for the info.
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    Hi, does anyone have any information, war diaries, photos etc of the 1st Army 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards. Wanting to find information as my Grandad was in this battalion in the second world war. He went abroad as part of Operation Torch in November 1942 - the allied invasion of North Africa. He was at Algiers, Tunisia, Medjez-al-Bab. He then went onto to Sicily and onto to Florence and Rome, being at Monte Cassino, Monte Battaglia and I think also Monte Camino. He was a lance sergeant (believe this is what the Grenadiers call a lance corporal).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Hope you're all staying safe at this time.

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    ‘Hi welcome to the forum.

    If you use the forum search facility and input 3rd Grenadier Guards you will turn up many posts. For example -

    3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards

    Forum member Diane dbf has posted May 1940 3rd GG war diary only. If you could post your grandfathers full name nd Regimental number Diane will add him to the Regimental nominal roll that she maintains.

    A Guards Lance Sgt was a Corporal but had 3 stripes (different colour to a “full” Sgt) . In the photo you post your grandfather has 2 stripes but was a Lance Corporal. The story goes that Queen Victoria saw a Guards L/Cpl with one stripe and wasn’t impressed so ordered that 2 stripes should be worn thence forward.

    Good Luck



    In the absence of the WD you should find the information you need in Volume 2 of GG Official History 39/45via this link -

    The Grenadier Guards in the war of 1939-1945, by Nigel Nicolson and Patrick Forbes. v.2.

    Unfortunately it isn’t available for download.
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    Hi Steve, thanks for your quick reply :) His name is Dennis John Duggan - 2622592.
    1942-1945 was when he served abroad.
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    I was going to add his name but found someone else had already asked for it to be done in 2017. I've moved their posts to this thread and edited title slightly as result.

    Getting copies of Service Records (if you haven't already done soe) and then relevant war diaries is the best way to confirm where someone was and when.
    Request records of deceased service personnel
    Grenadier Guards: Reference Thread
    As Steve says, I have only been able to share the 3GG war diary for 1940, However, here's a list of those held at TNA Kew but I'm sure that by now Drew5233 has copies of most, if not all. Free War Diaries - Kind of ...

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