255731 James ALDERSON-SMITH, MC, 3 Coldstream Guards

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    24th Guards Brigade, 6th S.A. Armoured Division, 13 Corps
    255732 Lieutenant James ALDERSON-SMITH, 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

    Lieutenant J. ALDERSON-SMITH landed with the 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS when it landed at SALERNO in September 1943 and has commanded a Platoon without a break for the succeeding twelve months.

    During this long period he has earned the confidence and respect of his Platoon owing to his great devotion to duty, personal bravery and leadership. He was present at the battle of the SALERNO beaches and subsequent fierce battles which followed immediately afterwards; he took part in the two battles of CAMINO in November and December 1943 and again in the crossing of the GARIGLIANO, when the Battalion had such hard fights at TREMENSUOLI and TUFO.

    In all the battles his Platoon came under heavy shell and mortar fire over long periods which not only were extremely fatiguing to the troops but caused heavy casualties. During all these anxious days Lieutenant J. ALDERSON-SMITH kept the spirits and morale of troops high by his personal attention and care for them under his command and by his unceasing cheerfulness.

    Lieutenant J. ALDERSON-SMITH again showed his powers of leadership and courage in patrols he led in May at RIONERO and again in July on the advance from ROME to FLORENCE. In the first case he took out a patrol for thirty-six hours over extremely difficult and exhausting country in order to probe the enemy defences. This he successfully did and brought back detailed information. During the advance from ROME to FLORENCE he on three occasions carried out fighting patrols after having taken part in an attack; and on each occasion he, by his dash and determination, although tired, inflicted casualties on the enemy and on one occasion rescued his wounded under fire.

    During this long period of active and severe fighting Lieutenant J. ALDERSON-SMITH has never once failed to do his duty and has always been an example to his men as a leader.

    Signed Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

    Granted M.C.
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