246 Field Company, Royal Engineers War Diary 1944

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    Thanks for posting this document, bit difficult to read with my tired eyes, interesting tho' .
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    Glad you found the pages of interest. It's probably the most accurate acount you will read on what they were doing in 1944.

    Unfortunately the host (Imageshack) has shrunk a lot of the images I have posted for some reason.
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    Wonderful Wonderful Drew! absolutely wonderful. I knew all those men of the 1944 vintage. bless them, Even after all these years. I still recall them. My best mate Jock Mather's. I Tried to contact his family but the close family had died out......
    I query the date of Jocks death for he was killed alongside me .Does this date signify when they buried him rather than when he died? Not that it matters let the dead rest in peace ...Bless Him..

    Great Work Drew. Great!
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    I picked up some old negatives of R/E's a few years ago and one is of a J.W. Peet. I wonder if it is the same chap in the list.




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  5. Just to see how those engineers chaps looked in colour, here is a couple of sppaers from 246 Fd Coy RE enjoying a nice cuppa on 22 Sep 44 after the liberation of Weert in the Netherlands:
    199647 - Royal Engineers 3 BID AoS 49=246 Fd Coy.jpg
    Source: search for 199647 in Home - Beeldbank WO2 - but ignore the incorrect identification as 17 Fd Coy

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