23rd Hussars Royal Armoured Corps

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    Hello again, I have found another soldier who was in the 23rd Hussars Royal Armoured Corps, but died on the 16th April 1946. I really have no idea who he was, so any help would be great.
    Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    Service Number 14224032
    Died 16/04/1945
    Aged 21
    23rd Hussars. Royal Armoured Corps


    On Forces War Records he is entered as - Birthplace and residence – Flintshire.
    Can you be so kind to help me again, so I can tell his story please. Kindest regards, Mavis
  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    as and aside wonder if this is a relative
    Died 05/08/1946

    Aged 49

    M.V. Mary Kingsley (Liverpool).
    Merchant Navy

    Son of William and Louisa Helen Foulkes, of Connah's Quay; husband of Sarah Constance Foulkes, of Connah's Quay.
    Anthony Foulkes ( - 1946) - Find A Grave Memorial
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    Thank you so much, I will look into this, as I wouldn't like to think I have missed a Serviceman who may not have been put on the War Memorial as well as the fact they may very well connect, thank you so much again. Any little clue sometimes is all you need. Thanks again, even if he is not, he needs to be remembered. Kind regards, Mavis
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    NAME: Joseph Foulkes
    BIRTH: Oct 1887 - Holywell, Flintshire

    1911 Census 16 Waterloo St, Connahs Quay
    Elizabeth Foulkes 60
    Stephen Foulkes 25
    Joseph Foulkes 23 Sheet Mills Lab, Iron Works b.Connahs Quay
    Leonard Foulkes 21

    Death: FOULKES Joseph 64 Wirral Jun 1952

    Highfield, 38 Mold Road, Connah's Quay, Flintshire
    Died 17 May 1952 @ The Clatterbridge Hosp, Wirral, Cheshire
    admin to Ada F (widow)

    Marriages Dec 1922
    FOULKES Joseph Edwards Holywell 11b 443
    EDWARDS Ada Foulkes Holywell 11b 443

    Foulkes Household (2 People)
    38 Mold Road, Connah's Quay U.D., Flintshire
    Joseph Foulkes 08 Oct 1887 Steel Conveyor Operative Heavy Worker
    Ada Foulkes 26 Jan 1891 Unpaid Domestic Duties

    (The above address matches that of Ernest, given in the 23H HQ Squadron nominal roll)

    Foulkes Ernest Edwards Holywell Dec 1923
    Foulkes Vera Edwards Holywell Sep 1925


    The Regimental History lists his death on 15th April. This is repeated in the War Diary:

    "At 08.00 hours. 23rd Hussar Group moved through Winsen, turning north, "B" Squadron leading. Some Bazooka and machine gun opposition was met north of Winsen in 4758, but this rapidly cleared and the enemy dispersed by setting fire to the wood. North of Walle, 4862 there were notices in English declaring the Belsen area to be typhus infected and to be a Neutral Zone. This was observed without incident and we passed the camp at great speed, little knowing what horrors it concealed. At about 14.00 hours "A" Squadron Group which had moved via 5186, passed through "B" Squadron Group which had established itself in Bergen, 5070 without incident. 1/100,000 Sheet M4. Some opposition was encountered both at Dohnsen, 5472 and Beckedorf, 5671 and many hundreds of Allied Prisoners of War were liberated. In the meantime the recce troop was sent to recce the crossings at Bonstorf, 5576 and 545770, two sections going to the former and one to the latter. Both found the bridges intact, but after a short time they were attacked by infantry with Bazookas. "C" Squadron Group immediately went to Bonstorf and "B" Squadron Group to the western crossing and by nightfall the opposition, which consisted of Companies of a Hungarian SS Battalion, was demolished, another company being destroyed at Bornboster, 5576 by "A" Squadron Group which came up from Beckedorf. "C" Squadron Group remained to maintain the Bonstorf bridgehead during the night and "B" Squadron Group the westerly bridge just north of Hetendorf from which they were fired on throughout the hours of darkness. The remainder leaguered in a hollow behind the feature at 554759. During the afternoon and evening's fighting about 300 PWs were taken.

    1 x Other Rank died of wounds. 2 x Other Ranks were wounded."

    There are no deaths reported in the 23H History or War Diary for 16th April.
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  5. Mavis Williams

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    OMG! Thank you so much for this Harkness, you are a gem!!!! Where did you find all this! Where does one find the 23rd H. HQ Nominal Roll???
    Sorry too many questions I know. I cannot thank you enough as without this he would have been one of quite a few on the Memorial that I have no knowledge of. At least Ernest will be remembered properly. Kindest regards, Mavis
  6. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    UK, Merchant Seamen Deaths, 1939 -1953
    Name: Anthony Foulkes
    Age: 49
    Birth Date: abt 1897
    Birth Place: Connahs Quay, England
    Death Date: 5 Aug 1946
    Death Place: At Sea
    Spouse: Sarah Constance

    The above record says he died 'At Sea' - his card below says he died at 'Connahs Quay' with the phrase 'At Home' struck through


    Hes also mentioned here under his (I presume last ship) MV Mary Kingsley
    Anthony Foulkes 49 05/08/1946 Master Merchant Navy United Kingdom Connahs Quay Cemetery Sec. T. Grave 26. Age 49. Son of William and Louisa Helen Foulkes of Connahs Quay; husband of Sarah Constance Foulkes of Connahs Quay.
    MV Mary Kingsley - Google Search:

  7. Mavis Williams

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    Thank you TD for this information and the link to John HODSON'S name on the Memorial, I haven't much information on him either, but there is a query, you may be able to answer, or one of the good folk on this forum. - I think it was the British armed forces and overseas deaths and burials Transcription - below, the 3 Crew members were mentioned but as we know they were all killed or died on different dates, so why were they listed under the MARY KINGLSEY and were they the only 3 crew members on that ship? This I very much doubt, so why and when was this list recorded. I don't know if you understand my queries, but at first glance at the full list most of the men died on the same day - presumably when the ship sank or was destroyed. Thanks anyway for going the extra mile for me. Kind regards, Mavis

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  8. Tricky Dicky

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    John Hodson
    UK, Merchant Seamen Deaths, 1939 -1953
    Name: John Hodson
    Age: 61
    Birth Date: abt 1882
    Birth Place: Liverpool, England
    Death Date: 11 Jun 1943
    Death Place: Fazackerley Santorum
    Spouse: Janet

    Edward Ashford
    Name: Edward Douglas Ashford
    Age: 44
    Birth Date: abt 1900
    Birth Place: Birkenhead, England
    Death Date: 1 Oct 1944
    Death Place: Yangrai Free (on the card its written Yangsai Free)

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  9. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Thank you TD, you are fund of knowledge, so glad you are on this forum. Thanks for ASHFORD's details as well. Wish I understood why the 3 names were listed together though. Thanks again, Mavis
  10. harkness

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    Hi Mavis,

    I've been researching 23H men for a number of years now. I borrowed the nominal roll from the nephew of a 23H man (I had to copy it out long-hand because it was too fragile to photocopy/scan). I also have the rolls for A and B Squadrons. They are invaluable because they give the home address of each man.

    Thank YOU for helping to remember them.
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  11. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Hi Mavis

    Its perhaps that was the last ship they were allocated to - try asking Hugh McLean

  12. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Thank you Harkness what a wonderful aids to finding someone who had been elusive. and thanks for your kind words. Thanks TD for the tip, never thought of that, I will try and find Hugh McLean. Kind regards, Mavis
  13. timuk

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    TD is right. The connection is that they were all serving in MV Mary Kingsley when they died. All listed on CWGC. Edward (or Edwin according to CWGC) is buried in Sierra Leone. John Hodson has no known grave and is commemorated on the Tower Hills Memorial. The Mary Kingsley continued sailing after the war.

  14. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Thank you TD, I have now clicked on the link to the Mary Kingsley and it is really good. Many thanks again, Mavis

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