2343577 Lance Corporal Norman Swanwick, Royal Signals, 8 Corps: DOW 29/11/1944

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    good day all.

    i am a new member on the search for any information and photographs of my great grandfather Lance Corporal Norman Swanwick.(2343577)
    born 1915 & died 29/11/1944.
    married to vera miller who together had 2 sons.
    i have discovered so far that he was laid to rest at the mierio cemetery in holland but recently discovered a grave concentration report that states either the following has or have been concentrated here. the form is dated 15th sep 1945 nearly a year after my ggf passed away so im guessing he was temporarily buried elsewhere for a period of time and was eventually laid to finally rest here. he was apart of the royal corps of signals - Vlll corps/8th corps. i am not sure if he died instantly or was shot days before and passed away due to untreated wounds.

    i would really like to build up a picture of my great grandfather and would love to be able to detain a photograph of him. so any information or advice i would truly appreciate.

    thank you xx
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    To start your research it is essential to get hold of his service records:
    Get a copy of military service records

    The concentration report gives the map reference of his previous burial location:

    Also gives the date of his final resting place 20.6.45.
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    Some info on him at this link on this site

    Acting Lance Corporal Norman Swanwick - 2343577 (768) - Royal Signals - 8 Corps Signals - Died of Wounds 29/11/1944

    TNA WO 417 - War Office: Army Casualty Lists, 1939-45 War

    His name is on the top of the last page (page 12) of the attached information
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    Geldrop 483160
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    From that Concentration Form: what jumps out is that all are listed as DOW and, with dates close to each other / mixture of units, this would make me believe they were being treated at a Casualty Clearance Station or similar.

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    I have seen this, you wouldn’t know what the 768 code means would you? And the numbers under the a/l/c
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    We’re could I find a clear copy of this map please? When I zoom in it just goes blurry X
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