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    My father was a member of 234 Company, Royal Engineers and landed on Juno beach in the early hours of D-Day.
    The ship which carried them over the channel was called "Llangibby Castle".
    A small book about the Company was written by Lieutenant H.H Cambell about their part on D-Day up to VE day. Lieutenant Cambell states that "we went ashore in LCTs"

    In the planning for 234 to be transported from the "Llangibby Castle" to the Juno assault area would specific LST's have been allocated and if so is it known what their numbers were?
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    Welcome to the site.
    Do you have any spare copies of the Small Book?
    Does it detail the history of 234 before and after the events of June 44?

    I ask because I was a member of the reformed 234 Fd Sqn Const RE in the TA between 1985 and 1996
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    A scanned copy of 'The Circus - Diary of 234 Field Company R.E. D-Day to VE-Day' is available online. Have a look in this thread:

    234 Field Coy. RE

    Scan and link provided by forum member Andrew80, about halfway down the page.
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    Hello ploughman,
    I am sorry but I don't have any spares copies of the 234 Field Coy book you asked about.
    Good news though use the link http://www.tinyland.org/andy/the_circus_234 _field_company.pdf on this site and you will find a copy.
    ps. I already replied to you but replied in the wrong way I think. Still learning about this site. New member!!
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    I am getting a warning on that link.
    Dangerous Webpage Blocked
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    Hello ploughman.
    I have just tried the link again and I can see no warnings and it appears to work OK.
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    Must be my end then with Norton being a bit sensitive.

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