226916 (2873628) Lewis Ligertwood Legg TEVENDALE, DCM, Gordon Highlanders, Layforce

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    Personal Number: 226916
    Army Number: 2873628
    Rank: Regimental Serjeant Major; Major
    Name: Lewis Ligertwood Legg TEVENDALE, DCM
    Unit: Gordon Highlanders, 11 Commando, Layforce

    London Gazette : 21 October 1941
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the undermentioned awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East:—
    The Distinguished Conduct Medal.
    No. 2873628 Warrant Officer Class I (Regimental Serjeant-Major) Lewis Ligertwood
    Tevendale, The Gordon Highlanders (Stonehaven, Kincardineshire).

    London Gazette : 20 November 1945
    2nd Lt. (War Subs. Capt.) Lewis Legertwood Legg TEVENDALE (226916) from emer. commn., Leicester R., to be Lt., 21st Nov.1945, with seniority, 1st Aug. 1938.

    London Gazette : 18 January 1946
    Lt (War Subs. Capt.) L. L. L. TEVENDALE (226916) to be Capt., 21st Nov. 1945, with seniority, 28th June 1941.

    London Gazette : 14 June 1957
    Maj. L. L. L. TEVENDALE, D.C.M. (226916), retires on retired) pay on account of disability 12th June 1957.
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    I always find it an absolute honour and privilege to know that Great Uncle Louis was a Gordon Highlander at heart and the man who you have so eloquently researched.

    My grandmother died recently, and her father (John) was the next sibling down from Louis (Lewis) and she had immense pride in both of them.

    After the war I believe he continued his commission and transferred back into the Gordon's from the Leicester's having fought in Burma under Wingate. He retired in the mid-1950s and died on the operating table only a few years later. He was a garrison commander in Aberdeen.

    His eldest son (Louis jnr) followed his father's footsteps and joined the army and received his GSM in Borneo. His younger son however, became a quite infamous and was sentenced for murder (see the Garvie trials for more info) in the mid-1960s and after that we never knew what became of that side of the family.

    I know there are some holes in this story but if you want to message me or get in contact then I will always be happy to help out. My profile picture is of my Great Grand Uncle Louis (he's on the right).

    I only ask, what got you so enthused in his service?

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    Hello and a belated welcome to the forum. Thank you for posting about your personal connection and adding your recollections.

    I'm afraid my answer might not be terribly exciting for those with a personal interest. I came across his recommendation whilst doing some general research and thought it warranted putting on record here. It's what our forum is about: collating, sharing, recording, discussing, etc. Glad it caught your attention.
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