2 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1939

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  1. I have recently had some photos of a man who used to live in my village.
    His name was DJ Roberts his actual names I don't know. He served with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and served in India. What baffles me is he died in lucknow on the 7th June 1939.It seems he was a fusilier A coy 2nd bat. 4123840 I think his number is on his headstone. Can anybody help in Informing me what they were doing there before the war started, better still can anybody trace his record. Thanks in advance
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    for service records closer to the date of death you will need to apply here Get a copy of military service records

    im sure other forum members will try to assist you

    where is the village
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  3. Tremadog, Gwynedd (Caernarfonshire) North Wales
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    Ignore this post as was working with duff info . See Mr Jinks post below.
    Army number shows he enlisted into the Cheshires

    Cheshire Regiment 4114001 - 4178000

    Royal Welch Fusiliers 4178001 - 4256000

    Army Number Block Allocations
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  5. Many thanks
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    The number originally posted is wrong

    4192640 Fusilier David John Roberts born 09/12/1919 enlisted 09/12/1938 (Died 07 June 1939)

    2nd RWF arrived in Shanghai August 2nd 1937 ,left 2nd February 1938 bound for Hong Kong, left Hong Kong 12th February 1938 bound for Sudan arrived 3rd March 1938, Left Port Sudan November 26th 1938 bound for Bombay Arrived 5th December and proceeded to Lucknow.

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  7. Wow brilliant!!!, it seems that he simply died there because of illness perhaps?

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    Opened attachment but cant read it.
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    Strange it opens here ? Try this one


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    Thanks for doing that Kyle.

  13. Excellent thank you all for your efforts. I can write this story up for the families now, as the details were not known. I enclose a photo of the funeral and of the man himself, bottom right.

    IMG_1723 (002).JPG

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