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    I recently was given a small photo album belonging to a relative who served with my Grandfather in 1st RTR. Many of the photos were portraits of fellow members of 1st RTR. Every photo had a name noted on the back, so I though I would list them here. Maybe, someone will reconise a name, or pick it up on a search in the future? If anyone does reconise a name and would be interested in a copy of the photo, just contact me.

    Norman Goodfellow
    Bobby Norme (Wee Jock)
    Jim Donney
    Danny Spencer
    Harry Lewis
    Jimmy Seville
    Jed Paynton

    The following only have surnames


    When I have more time, I'll start looking into them further.
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    My Dad was in the 1st RTR in WW2 his name was Dennis Elliott he was a Trooper/Driver. He was blown out of his tank and taken prisoner on 14.4.1945 and taken to Stalag XB Sandbostel. He came from Aldershot and died in 2011 in Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.
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