1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers France 1939

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    I was wondering if anyone had the War Diary for this Unit? I’m researching 4192122 Clifford Davies who went to France with the Battalion on the 24th September 1939. He was back in the UK 33 days later on the 28th October 1939. He would not return to France until 1944. I’m guessing he was injured so might get a mention?


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    4192122 DAVIES, Clifford Brook
    Attested - 8.3.34 regular army
    Period - 7/5 years
    DOB - 22/3/10
    Transferred - 15.2.41 to Pioneer Corps
    Best get his service records for complete picture, he is not mentioned in casualty lists.
    Get a copy of military service records

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