1st Loyals at Dunkirk

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    What were they doing? War diary anyone please?
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    This chapter from Michael Langley's book The Loyal Regiment (Famous Regiments series) gives a brief overview of the Ist Loyals' exploits at Dunkirk.

    For a fully detailed account based on the war diaries, see the official history, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 1919-1970, by Captain C G T Dean.

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    Thanks for that Tmac. Just putting a bit more meat on the bones so to speak. Although my man was Loyals he was attached 1st Guards Brigade end of March before rejoining middle of June.
  4. Drew5233

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    1st Guards Brigade HQ or one of the Brigades Battalions?
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    Not really sure. My mans service record states:- att. 1 Gds Bde wef 24.3.40 France. Rejoined Bn ex BEF16.6.40 Rotherham. It also states on another sheet that he was presumed missing 3.7.40. A bit of confusion there! The service home and abroad section says France BEF 23.2.40 to 1.6.40. He'd previously been on leave so it's seems may have been placed on attachment upon his return.
  6. Drew5233

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    It makes sense, 1 Loyals were in 2 Brigade and this brigade along with 1st Guards Brigade were part of 1 Infantry Division. Can you post the dates he went on leave and the date he came back, I'm assuming that was 24th March 1940.

    I'll do some more digging when I have time. There's no logical reason for him to be delayed getting to the Loyals as there wasn't any fighting then unless one of the units was on the Saar Front.
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    Drew, really appreciate any help with this chap as I'm in contact with his family who have absolutely no idea of his service. Enlisted at the end of 1937. He first went to France with 1st Loyals 23.9.39. Leave to UK 13.2.40 rejoined 23.2.40 then attached 1st Guards Brigade 24.2.40.
    Sadly he was killed in action in India 1944, though not with the Loyals. This is where my interest lays with him and a remarkable story which I maybe able to share at a later date.
    Lion boxer
  8. Drew5233

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    Sorry for the delay, I've checked the Guards HQ Brigade and Brigade AT Coy along with the 1 Loyals on the dates and nothing is jumping out. 1 Guards Bde were on the Saar Front but although 1 Loyals were in 1st Division as the Guards Bde 1 Loyals were not in that Bde so it's a bit of a mystery how he ended up with them.

    1 Loyals were in Bourghelles for the whole of Feb so I have no idea how he ended up on the Saar Front.
  9. lionboxer

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    Thanks Drew. I can't think why the Guards should need anyone else as they must have been up to strength, unless my man had specialist skills in which case I'm sure the Loyals would have wanted him themselves! Another unsolved mystery.

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