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    Good evening again...

    Following my request ref the Falmouth Coastal Artillery, my next request is for help tracking down archives covering the 1st (Indian) Medium Regiment (1944-45). My father served from late 1944 to Dec 45 and was the Adjutant for a few months up to 1945.

    At Kew there is only a very sad folder with two pages within - pathetic ! Does anyone know other sources for Indian Army Units ? British Library Indian Army Records perhaps ?

    All I know about the Regiment is that it was formed from the converted 8th (Indian) Field Regiment and was earmarked for Op ZIPPER. My Pa states that the Tank Landing Ship they were due to sail on was such a rust bucket, she broke her back at her moorings and thus the regt never sailed.

    Any help, however small would be of the greatest interest

    Thanks to all in anticipation

    Roddy de Normann
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    Roddy - any chances you can let us know your father's name?

    I just checked the Farndale book and the only mention I have found so far is that the 1st Indian Medium Regiment was part of 34th Corps Artillery for the Gunner Order of Battle for Op Zipper.

    The 8th Indian Field Regiment was raised 01Jan1943 and converted to 1st Indian Medium Regiment 01Oct1944
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    Dave -

    Many thanks...

    My father was John Anthony de Normann. He initailly joined 8th Royal Fusiliers but was converted to 14th Medium Regt and served some months in Northern Ireland. He states that the Comd Offr enjoyed his shooting & fishing too much, reporting the Regt not fit for service on operations. Instead they were used in West Ham to support Divisions moving across the Channel. My father tells the story of having to sort out the Polish Armoured Division who had some striking dockers up against a wall...

    In the end, many of the junior officers requested a transfer in order to attempt to get to France. Dad unfortunately was ordered to purchase tropical kit - including a pith helmet - and board a troopship. He had no idea where he was going and hoped beyond hope he would join Op DRAGOON in the South of France. Sailing past Marseilles, he threw his pith hat into the sea.

    Of course, it would appear that Dad was sent to India to join 1st Mediums on their formation. Issued with 5.5s, they were tasked to try and fit them into gliders for an airborne role. They soon found out that would not work and were then asked to support ZIPPER. My Pa always says that he owes his life to the Atom Bombs dropped on Japan as the planning for ZIPPER left a lot to the imagination. I believe I am right in saying that the recces by Force 136 missed a number of off-shore sand bars, with the Landing Ships disgorging their contents into deep water the other side. Had the coast been defended...

    I have one or two pics from Dad's time in India and all his Larkhill Trg Notes, Official Trg Publications and Eqpt Notes. Is it easy to uplift digital pics to this site ? delighted to try...

    Roddy de Normann
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    Hi Roddy,
    1st Indian Medium Regiment was subsequently named as 40 Medium Regiment. I have also served in the same regiment and we never had much records of our raising. Can you forward photographs or some other documents which you have so that we can include them in our Regiment History. We celebrate 1 Feb as our raising day and not 1 Jan as mentioned by you. Regards Sanjay

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