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    Some time ago after starting to read this booklet I wrote to the author asking him to explain a sentence in the book which read “In June 1944 it was decided to form those Observation Post parties in 1st Airborne Division into 1st Forward Observer Unit R.A. (Airborne) under Major D R Wright Boycott, and I G from 123 OCTU at Catterick”

    I sought to ascertain whether this was a straightforward typo and that Major Wright Boycott was an IG from 123 OCTU. In this case what was an IG?

    The alternative was that “I G” related to a second person. However I have been unable to find any of the original officers in the unit with such initials.

    The author responded that he would have to look things up but, at that time, was still busy with another publication. Once that had been sorted I reminded him of my query and received the following response.

    “information came from a small publication about FOU published in the 60's”

    I have asked for more details of this publication, as it does not appear to have been included in the bibliography, but have not received any response.

    It would appear from his response that he is satisfied that the text, as published, is correct and simply taken from another publication.
    Can anybody help me to identify who or what “I G” is, please?

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    Instructor Gunnery

    It's unlikely he was an Irish Guardsman!
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    Stand corrected!
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    As Idler says, Instructor of Gunnery. An official title for any officer who has passed the Gunnery Staff training course and is employed in an instructional role. 123 OCTU was a Royal Artillery unit based at Catterick.
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    Many thanks for your replies. I had also discarded Irish Guards as his unit is always shown as Royal Artillery.

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    Many thanks

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    No news then from the author on what the 1960's publication was?????
  8. horsapassenger

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    No news then from the author on what the 1960's publication was?????

    Sadly not.


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