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    SUBJECT:- Enquiries - Other Ranks
    Ref. No. 1.I.G. 87

    D.A.A.G., G.H.Q. 2nd Echelon

    No. 2718058 - Sergeant A. O'DONNELL.

    Reference your 19/7649 of 27 May 1943, in respect of the above named N.C.O.

    The body of this N.C.O. was taken in a vehicle, with others, viz:-

    No. 2718163 - Sergeant MIDDLETON, J.
    No. 27188836 - Lance-Corporal ELLIOTT, A.
    2718803 - Lance-Sergeant TELLING [TEELING], G.
    2718459 - Guardsman MEGAW, T.
    2719803 - Guardsman ROMPEN, L.
    2721137 - Lance-Corporal LEWIS, S.
    2717036 - Guardsman LEAVY, J.

    to the M.D.S. at BAHARINE FM near MEDJEZ EL BAB, Map Ref 558308, Sheet 27 TUNISIA on the morning of the 28th April 1943.

    This fact can be vouched for by three witnesses in addition to D/Sergeant KENNY, viz:-

    No. 2717152 - Sergeant THOROGOOD, R.
    2717460 - Guardsman McEVOY, H.
    2720839 - Guardsman HARRISON, R.

    Statements of these witnesses are attached.

    As can be seen from these statements, Sergeant O'DONNELL's body was recognised, not by identity discs but by his face, as these witnesses knew Sergeant O'DONNELL personally for a number of years.

    These bodies were taken to the M.D.S. in blankets, and handed over to a burial party, and interred in the nearby cemetery.

    Sergeant O'DONNELL's name does not however appear on any of the graves in this cemetery, although other men, named above, are buried there. There is, however, one grave marked "UNKNOWN IRISH GUARDSMAN". This would for the following reasons, appear to be that of Sergeant O'DONNELL.

    Sergeant O'DONNELL's body apparently did not have on it any identity disc or other means of identification, consequently, when examined by personnel at M.D.S., it was labelled "UNKNOWN IRISH GUARDSMAN."

    Signed C.A. MONTAGU-DOUGLAS-SCOTT, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS

    In the Field
    ? ? 1942
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    SITUATION REPORT 1 I.G. - No. 6.

    OPERATION 30 MARCH 1943.

    At 2345 hours Lieutenant NUNN and 5 Pioneers and and R.E. Corporal with a Polish mine detector left to sweep the road towards M'DAKRENE FM. Just short of Point 526366 they discovered 3 Tellermines Mk II. These appeared to have been recently and hurriedly laid in the road and were badly concealed under fresh soil of a different colour to the surface of the track. They were not booby trapped and were removed and made safe. From there Corporal FREEMAN was sent back to report to Captain RAWLINSON that the road was clear of mines, as long as the road itself was not left. TWEED and R.E. Corporal took two mines and the detector back. The remainder waited near the Road Junction and observed M'DAKRENE FM the perimeter of which was visited. Four carriers under Captain RAWLINSON's and Sergeant HUGHES' command accompanied by 2 mortar carriers commanded by Sergeant McCARTHY and Sergeant ENGLISHBY arrived at 0615 hours and Lieutenant NUNN and party placed themselves under Captain RAWLINSON's command. Captain RAWLINSON in leading carrier driven by Corporal LUMLEY turned into a gully and dismounted the gun. Corporal LUMLEY then took the carrier further into the gully. Sergeant HUGHES in the second carrier halted in dead ground, dismounted with the gun, and had gone scarcely 5 or 10 yards from the carrier when it received a direct hit from a shell, the driver, DITCHFIELD, being killed. Mortar smoke was called for and Segeant McCARTHY moved up in his carrier. Captain RAWLINSON waved him back wishing him to put the screen down from further back, and as he was turning his carrier was blown up by two mines. Sergeant McCARTHY was killed, RICE, the driver, was wounded and pinned, LANG was wounded, CURRAN on the ground with the carrier gun was wounded in the right eye and the remaining mortarmen escaped. Meanwhile the other carriers withdrew down the road to get out of range. Lieutenant NUNN and Sergeant HUGHES attempted to get RICE clear, while Captain RAWLINSON covered them with the Bren. They were unable to do so. Sergeant ENGLISHBY on his own initiative then put down 3" mortar smoke and Lieutenant NUNN and Sergeant HUGHES went back to the Carrier Section to assist with 2" Mortar smoke. Lance-Corporal LUMLEY was now recalled and as he was passing the wreck of Sergeant McCARTHY\s carrier, he too was blown clear. The carrier overturned. Captain RAWLINSON and Lance-Corporal HOOTON brought the Bren back to the rest of the section, who gave overing smoke. The remaining carriers were withdrawn to the line of the Battalion H.Q. to report and a D/R later came back with orders for the whole party to withdraw to the Battalion area. The sequel to this battle occurred at 1145 hours, when the Medical Officer, D/Sergeant KENNY and Sergeant THOROGOOD went out to rescue RICE and rescue the bodies. When within 50 yards of M'DAKRENE FM, 6 Germans appeared and tried to march them in the direction of the German lines. The doctor refused to go. A German officer and 6 other ranks then appeared. The officer ordered his men to help extricate RICE and to render all possible assistance. The men were young, 17-20, pale not sunburnt. Their appearance confirms the reports of deserters that the Germans lie up all day in deep dug outs in farms and villages. Identification of our regiment was almost certainly secured. The behaviour of Sergeant HUGHES during the action described above was magnificent.

    Meanwhile in No. 3 Company area a large number of mortar bombs were falling as a result of which Captain KENNEDY was wounded in the leg, Corporal MOORE in the arm, and O'SHEA, Major GORDON WATSON's servant, was wounded in three places.

    All these incidents were incidental to the main action in which No. 2 Company took part, supported by two Regiments of Field Artillery, two Medium Batteries, and one Battery of Heavy Artillery.

    The attack was carried out on the orders of higher command with the object of checking the despatch of reinforcements to ROMMEL. Although it proved costly to the Battalion, it is hoped it served its purpose in the higher command's general plan. The Company moved off at 0045 hours and at 0530 hours reported that they were in position below the crest of RECCE RIDGE. Soon after Mortar and rifle fire were observed on the face of the ridge and Major BUCKNILL called for artillery support on the Eastern edge of the ridge. This was quickly forthcoming. At 0600 hours the artillery programme commenced and shortly afterwards the Company crossed the ridge. From then on for the best part of two hours much machine gun fire was heard and large parties of men were seen going up and down the ridge. This could not be understood as the wireless communication had broken down. Meanwhile Lieutenant McINERNEY and two detachments of mortars had gone out on the left to cover the withdrawal. They were joined by Capain ROYLE, an R.A. F.O.O. who had got back, and who reported that he had seen a section of No. 2 Company being taken prisoner. Otherwise he could furnish no information. The mortars covered the withdrawal of 5 wounded men (Sergeant DEAZLEY, Sergeant MEARS, McCAFFERTY, and two gunners) and then were ordered to withdraw. Major GORDON-WATSON had come up to join them. THey came down the track towards No. 3 Company, but found it under heavy shell fire, turned and tried another way. As they came to the railway bridge they noticed, just in time, a wire stretched across the road to which was suspended a mine. Major GORDON-WATSON with complete disregard of his own personal safety leaped out of the leading carrier and undid the wire. The carriers returned safely.

    It is now known that two men, MILLS and COX, have returned safely and it is believe that several more are returning via NACEUR, but it is feared that the ultimate number of casualties may be heavy.

    A Company of 5th GRENADIER GUARDS have come up into the line to re-enforce the Battalion.

    *Signed D.G. MADDEN, Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer, 1 I.G.

    In the Field, 30 March 1943.

    *[Lt. MADDEN was killed a month after writing this report.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details
    Lieutenant DENNIS GERALD MADDEN, Mentioned in Despatches, 156080, 1st Bn., Irish Guards who died age 32 on 30 April 1943
    Son of Gerald Hugh Charles and Mabel Lucy Madden; husband of Rosalind Madden. Barrister-at-Law.
    Remembered with honour MASSICAULT WAR CEMETERY
    Grave/Memorial Reference: V. J. 20.]

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    SITUATION REPORT, 1 I.G. - No. 7.


    Three men came in during the night. Their stories conflict.

    1. Guardsman AYRES. The Company arrived near the top of the ridge and were immediately engaged by mortar and machine gun fire. After Zero they advanced. His Platoon, No. 11, the first Main Effort Platoon got over the top and into a gully. He was almost immediately hit by a mortar bomb and badly wounded in the shoulder. As he fell he saw a further bomb kill the mammon carrying the No. 18 set and feels sure that Major BUCKNILL, was wounded, possibly killed at the same time. AYRES got back to the C.S.M. and stretcher bearers, had his wound dressed and was sent further down the hill. He reached our R.A.P. at 0030 hours to-day in great pain. He had been evacuated to hospital by the time the second man come in so that the discrepancies in their stories could not be checked.

    2. Guardsman POTTS. Also belonging to No. 11 Platoon. He was unwounded. He said the Company had a very hard climb up and reached their position five minutes before the artillery started. He is under he impression that many of the shells fell short and when asked why he thought they were shells and not mortar bombs said because of the loud explosions. No. 10 Platoon led by Lieutenant C.D. LESSLIE advanced and were immediately engaged by machine guns just forward of the crest. All Germans opened fire. No words of command were heard. No. 11 Platoon started to come up on the left and as it did so Major BUCKNILL shouted to him to get Lieutenant A.W.T. ROCHFORD up from No. 12 Platoon to take command of the fire platoon, No. 10, as Mr. LESSLIE had been wounded. This POTTS did. No. 11 Platoon now came up on No. 10 Platoon's left and No. 10's right. No. 11 immediatel came under fire and several men dropped. An exchange of fire took place, though the Germans could not be properly seen by POTTS owing to the thickness of the scrub. After about an hour 5 flares or very lights were sent up. These were not seen from our O.P. although several incomprehensible thin pillars of smoke were noticed. At the same time two Irish Guards (one of them Lance-Corporal FILDES) signallers called for smoke for five minutes with the lamp without avail. This signal was not visible from the O.P.and rolled or fell over the cliff. About three quarters of the way down they came across C.S.M. FERGUSON, who was organising the stretcher bearers and looking after the wounded of whom there were several. The C.S.M. ordered them lower down. THey went down to another gully and found a further 8 men under Sergeant FANNING. The bottom of the hill was being swept by fire and escape seemed impossible. POTTS decided to chance it and crawled into a further gully, where 5 more men were. German patrols came down the hill. POTTS got into a gorse bush by himself. Three Germans came over the crest of the gully. Somebody called 'Kamerad'. More Germans came to the gully he had just left. One had a long jacket and high boots. 'There are some over here, Jim' said someone in English. The Germans captured the men in these gullies and put them in groups. After a quarter of an hour they marched them off. A German picked up POTT's rifle which he had dropped as he got into the bush, but missed him. The search continued. Then the smoke screen started to come down, but the wind dispersed it quickly. The Germans fired wildly into the smoke. POTTS dis not dare make a break for it then. The Germans searched the scrub the whole afternoon.

    It should be mentioned here that during the attempted withdrawal, the fire platoon, No. 10, was giving covering fire. POTTS also heard a Bren gun firing lower down.

    POTTS did not hear the Bren gun fire which was heard on RECCE RIDGE from here yesterday evening. In consequence of this firing further smoke was put down at 1830 hours last evening just before dark. The Germans had taken the precaution of posting men at various strategic points and immediately opened fire along the edge of the cornfield. POTTS wisely postponed his departure, but noted the positions of these little posts. At 2100 hours he made a run for it, but had gone scarcely 300 yards down the track leading from RECCE RIDGE when he ran into a small German picquet of two men. He dashed across a field and got away. He reached the Battalion area at 0350 hours this morning.

    3. Gunner WILKINS, 19 Field Regiment, ROYAL ARTILLERY. He was never forward of the rear F.O.O's position on the little ridge in front of RECCE RIDGE. He saw nothing of the action, but heard firing last night.

    There seems little doubt that the Company fulfilled its task of getting into the gullies on the other side of the crest, this being borne out by Sergeant MEARS, one of the wounded, who returned yesterday. A German C.S.M. who did not enjoy the proceedings and left at the earliest possible moment reported in at No. 1 Company this morning. He described a confused melee at the top of the hill and apparently was under the impression that we had won the day. A fuller report of what he had to say will be issued as soon as it is received from Brigade.

    An Infantry Gun, perhaps the one which caused the carriers so many casualties, was pinpointed yesterday evening in M'DAKRENE FM and was dealt with, it is believed, effectively by the Heavy Artillery. Last night between 0100 and 0200 hours, small arms fire was heard coming from the same farm by No. 4 Company.

    Sergeant MEARS states that he saw Major BUCKNILL leading some men with a Tommy Gun at a later time than AYRES says he was wounded, so AYRE's statement is disproved.


    Lance-Sergeant McCARTHY (Mortars)
    Lance-Corporal LUMLEY (Carriers)
    Guardsman DITCHFIELD (Carriers)

    Captain D.M. KENNEDY (No. 3 Company)
    Lance-Corporal MOORES (No. 3 Company)
    Guardsman CURRAN (Carriers)
    Guardsman LAING (Mortars)
    Guardsman O'SHEA (Officer's Servant)
    Lance-Sergeant MEARS (No. 2 Company)
    Sergeant DEASLEY (No. 2 Company)
    Guardsman McCAFFERTY (No. 2 Company)
    Guardsman AYRE (No. 2 Company)
    2 Gunners from 138 Field Regiment
    Guardsman RICE (H.Q. Company)

    Major S.J.R BUCKNILL
    Lieutenant C.D. LESSLIE
    Lieutenant A.W.T. ROCHFORD
    88 Other Ranks (No. 2 Company)
    Lance-Corporal MOONEY (Cook, H.Q. Company)
    Guardsman HEATON (Stretcher Bearer, H.Q. Company)
    Guardsman GALLAGHER (Stretcher Bearer, H.Q. Company)
    Lance-Corporal FILDES (Signals, H.Q. Company)
    Guardsman SALE (Signals, H.Q. Company)
    Guardsman MOTTRAM (Signals, H.Q. Company)
    Captain BETHELL (19 Field Regiment, ROYAL ARTILLERY)
    2 Other Ranks (19 Field Regiment, ROYAL ARTILLERY)
    Captain WHITEHEAD (138 Field Regiment, ROYAL ARTILLERY)
    4 Other Ranks (138 Field Regiment, ROYAL ARTILLERY)

    POTT's Story.

    Lance-Sergeant FANNING
    Lance-Sergeant CAVENDISH
    Lance-Corporal FURLONG
    Lance-Corporal TUFF
    Guardsman GOLDING (Wounded)
    Guardsman DOWD
    Guardsman SPENCER
    Guardsman CAMPBELL
    Guardsman LEIGH
    Guardsman HIGGINSON
    Guardsman SHOREMAN
    Lance-Corporal MOONEY
    Guardsman GALLOWAY (Severely wounded)
    Guardsman HORAN
    Guardsman THURLOW (Wounded)

    Guardsman RYDER
    Guardsman CHAMBERS

    Lieutenant C.D. LESSLIE

    It is hoped, and indeed almost certain that a large number of other men were taken prisoner.

    Eight Mortar Bombs were dropped near Battalion H.Q. at 1345 hours to-day.

    No. 1 Company area was shelled at 1410 hours. 7 shells falling.

    Anti-Tank Platoon, H.Q. Company:- 7 shells fell between 1335 and 1345 hours.

    Signed D.G. MADDEN, Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer, 1 I.G.

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    SUBJECT:- Missing Personnel.

    Ref No.:- 1 I.G. 87

    D.A.A.G., G.H.Q. 2nd Echelon

    Reference your O2E/8973/CAS of 23 May 1943.

    1. No. 2721500 - PLS ROBERTS, J.

    This N.C.O. was reported "Missing, believed P.O.W." in my W. 3011 C, Serial No. 5 dated 29 March 1943. A sworn statement by 2721001 Guardsman HARRIS was attached to this W. 3011 C. This Guardsman stated that he actually saw PLS ROBERTS being led away by the Germans.

    2. No. 2723121 Guardsman FLANNERY, T.
    No. 2722596 Guardsman BEESLEY, J.
    No. 2721157 Guardsman MAYE, M.

    These men were missing from the same patrol as PLS ROBERTS. This patrol was fired on by an enemy M.G. and the patrol dispersed. The above named Guardsman were thought to be clear of the enemy positions but they may have been taken prisoner.

    3. Personnel Reported Missing 30.3.1943.

    These men, comprising No. 2 Company, plus attached personnel from H.Q. Company of the battalion under my command, attached a ridge, known as "RECCE RIDGE" on 30 March 1943. From this operation few men returned. Their accounts of the battle are attached in "1 I.G. Situation Reports" 6 & 7. These accounts conflict in many respects and can hardly be relied upon too much in determining the ultimate fate of the "Missing". Burial and search parties from this Battalion searched the ridge shortly afterwards, when it was re-captured by 78 Division, but found only the bodies of No. 2721468 Lance-Sergeant HIGGINSON and 2719553 Guardsman FUREY, M. These have already been reported on W. 3011 C. It has been reported to me by my R.H.Q. in London that a nubbier of these men, including one officer, have been recently reported P.O.W., presumably by the Red Cross Society.

    4. No. 2721128 Lance-Corporal DUCKWORTH, A.

    This N.C.O. accompanied by Lance-Sergeant HENDERSON (since killed in action) went out a patrol to "RECCE RIDGE" and were fired on by the enemy. Apparently, from what Lance-Sergeant HENDERSON reported, the enemy came right up on top of Lance-Corporal DUCKWORTH, who immediately fired his T.S.M.G. at the leading man. It would appear that Lance-Corporal DUCKWORTH was either killed or taken prisoner.

    5. Additional Missing.

    No. 2721037 Guardsman MITCHELL, K.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.
    KIA 28/4/1943.

    No. 2718799 C.S.M. KINANE, M.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.
    KIA 27/4/1943, Body recovered 19.5.1943.

    No. 2716873 C.S.M. MALONE, R.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.

    No. 2716913 Lance-Sergeant O'CONNOR, D.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.

    No. 2718058 Sergeant O'DONNELL, A.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.

    No. 2719746 Guardsman MELLISH, L.
    Body recovered on 21.5.1943.
    KIA /4/

    No. 2716292 R.Q.M.S. PEILOW, B.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.
    Body recovered on 18.5.1943.

    No. 2721242 Guardsman WALSH, W.
    Body recovered on 18.5.1943
    KIA 28/4/1943

    No. 2723087 Guardsman BATTEY, E.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943, Serial No. 32.
    Body recovered on 19.5.1943.
    KIA 27/4/1943

    No. 2722055 Guardsman MAULE, H.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943, Serial No. 32.

    2719137 Guardsman DRAKE, S.
    Body recovered on 19.5.1943.
    KIA 27/4/1943

    2720935 Guardsman VAUSE, C.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.

    2720441 Guardsman VARE, R.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.

    3384137 Guardsman DUNNE, T.
    Statement forwarded with W. 3011 C dated 18.5.1943. Serial No. 32.

    All the above-named have now been reported "Killed in Action".

    2719802 Guardsman POTTER, L.
    No statements available.

    2722912 Guardsman WHITFIELD, W.
    Repeated searches have been made, but without result.

    signed for
    Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS.

    In the Field, 27 May 1943.
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    28 May 1943

    The Under Secretary of State
    Casualty Branch,
    The War Office,
    Blue Coat School,
    LIVERPOOL, 15.

    2716873 C.S.M. MALONE, K.
    Missing 27.4.1943

    2718799 C.S.M. KINANE, M.
    KIA 27.4.1943

    2720441 Guardsman VARE, R.H.G.
    Missing 30/4/1943

    2720935 Guardsman VAUSE, C.
    Missing 30/4/1943

    3384137 Guardsman DUNNE, T.
    Missing 30/4/1943

    2722055 Guardsman MAULE, H.
    Missing 30/4/1943

    2716292 R.Q.M.S. PEILOW

    Attached hereto are statements received in respect of the above-mentioned, who have been reported to Home Records as Missing believed Killed, for use as evidence at the appropriate time should it be necessary to presume death.

    Signed R. HOSEGOOD, Brigadier, D.A.G., G.H.Q., 2nd Echelon

    In the Field, Enc. 7.
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    2722055 Herbert Cecil MAULE, 1 Irish Guards

    STATEMENT re No. 2722055 Guardsman MAULE, H.

    On 29 April 1943 Guardsman MAULE accompanied me down from HILL 212 for rations. I started back up the Hill before him, and never saw him again. Mortar Bombs were dropping at the time.

    Guardsman , H.Q. Company 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS.
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    3384137 Thomas DUNNE, 1 Irish Guards

    Believed dead

    STATEMENT RE THE DEATH OF No. 3384137 Guardsman DUNNE, J.

    On 27 April 1943 about 1/4 mile straight down from where the attack began, on the right hand side of the olive grove, I found a body in a kneeling positions which I could not recognise. The face was badly mutilated. I searched the hip pocket and found a wallet marked "J. DUNNE, No. 1 Company" which contained photographs, some of which I recognised to be of Guardsman DUNNE. I replaced the wallet in the hope that it would enable the body to be identified whenever it was recovered. I knew this Guardsman when he was in No. 1 Company and he was later transferred to No. 3 Company.

    Guardsman M. MORIARTY, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS

    In the Field, 7 May 1943
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    2720935 Cyril VAUSE, 1 Irish Guards

    Believed dead

    STATEMENT RE DEATH OF No. 2720935 Guardsman VAUSE, C.

    On 30 April 1943 I was lying on top of the ridge on HILL 212 near Guardsman VAUSE. A mortar shell landed right by him, and a piece of shrapnel entered his head, and he was also hit in the knee. His body was in a sitting position.

    Signed Guardsman W.E. GIBSON, No. 1 Company, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS

    In the Field, 7 May 1943.
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    2716292 Benjamin F T PEILOW, 1 Irish Guards



    No. 2720994 Guardsman J. BONSER, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS, went into action on the 27th April 1943. Whilst in the Olive Grove I was in close proximity to R.Q.M.S. PEILOW. A number of mortar bombs burst very close to me, I shouted to Lance-Corporal DUFFY (now deceased) asking him if he was OK. He in turn shouted for R.Q.M.S. PEILOW. Failing to get any reply, he advanced to the spot where the R.Q.M.S. was last seen, come back and told me there was a shell hole in exactly that spot. We both come to the conclusion he had received a direct hit. We made a search later hit found no remains.

    signed Guardsman BONSER, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS

    In the Field, 6 May 1943
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    2720441 Reginald VARE, 1 Irish Guards

    Believed dead

    STATEMENT BY No. 2717213 Lance-Sergeant McCLOSKEY, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS on the death of No. 2720441 Guardman VARE, R., 1bn IRISH GUARDS

    On 29 April 1943 I found the body of Guardsman VARE on HILL 212. I recognised this Guardsman as he was in my Company. The body was still on the Hill when the Company was relieved. This Guardsman was definitely dead, as I turned his body over.

    Lance-Sergeant G. McCLOSKEY, H.Q. Company, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS

    Field, 7 May 1943
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    2716873 Robert MALONE, 1 Irish Guards

    Believed Killed


    On 27 April 1943 I was told by Lance-Corporal COSSBURN that C.S.M. MALONE had had his head blown off. I asked Lance-Corporal COSSBURN to show me the body. I searched around but could not find the head, but when I examined the clothing i found he was wearing the badges of the rank of C.S.M. The body was about 50 years from the farmhouse which is to the right of the olive grove when facing it from the wheat field.

    Signed M. Moriarty, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS

    In the Field
    7 May 1943
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    2718799 Michael Albert KINANE, 1 Irish Guards

    Believed Killed in Action

    STATEMENT BY No. 2719527 Lance-Sergeant WYLIE, D.C.M., 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS ON THE DEATH OF No. 2718799 C.S.M. KINANE, M.

    On 27 April 1943 I was with C.S.M. KINANE laying a minefield. A mortar bomb dropped beside us and on examination of the C.S.M. I found he had been wounded at the base of the skull. I felt for pulse beats and there was none. Without doubt C.S.M. KINANE was definitely killed.

    Signed L/Sgt J WYLIE, 1st Battalion IRISH GAURDS

    Field, 8 May 1943
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    The Under Secretary of State
    The War Office,
    Casualty Branch,
    Blue Coat School,

    June 1942.

    SUBJECT:- Irish Guards - Missing Statements.

    Reports received describing the circumstances in which the under-mentioned became missing, together with Situation Reports Nos. 6 & 7 describing fully the action during which these casualties occurred are forwarded herewith:-

    2718058 Sgt. O'DONNELL, A.
    2719802 Gdsn POTTER, L.
    2722912 Gdsn WHITFIELD, W.

    A copy has been retained at this H.Q.

    R. HOSEGOOD, Brigadier, D.A.G., G.H.Q. 2nd Echelon
    North Africa.

    Received War Office Casualty Section 3 JULY 1943
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    2718058 Alexander Francis O’DONNELL, 1 Irish Guards


    I was on duty at Battalion H.Q. when the above-mentioned Sergeant was brought in on a 3-ton lorry with L/Sergeant TEELING, L/Corporal ELLIOT, L/Corporal LEWISH and Guardsman ROMPEN, all dead.

    I immediately despatched the bodies, and in addition I placed the bodies of Guardsman PATTON, Sergeant MIDDLETON and Guardsman CAMPBELL on this truck.

    Signed F. Kenny, Drill Sergeant, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS.

    In the Field, 18 May 1943.
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    2718058 Alexander Francis O’DONNELL, 1 Irish Guards

    STATEMENT OF EVIDENCE BY 2720839 Guardsman R. HARRISON on identification of 2718058 Sergeant A. O'DONNELL

    As a stretcher bearer of No. 3 Company I was in the advance of April 27th and came across the body of the above-mentioned Sergeant who had the top of his head blown off, there is no doubt in my mind as to his identity as he was my platoon sergeant for a considerable time.

    Signed R. HARRISON, Guardsman

    Witness the above - [signature illegible], Lt.
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    2718058 Alexander Francis O’DONNELL, 1 Irish Guards

    STATEMENT OF 2717460 Guardsman M. McEVOY.

    I have known Sergeant O'DONNELL for a number of years and i immediately recognised the body to be that of Sergeant O'DONNELL, No. 3 Company, IRISH GUARDS.

    Signed M. McEVOY, 31st May, 1943.
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    2718058 Alexander Francis O’DONNELL, 1 Irish Guards

    STATEMENT BY 2717157 Sergeant R. THOROGOOD, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS on 2718058 Segeant A. O'DONNELL, IRISH GUARDS

    During the morning April 28th as Sergeant in charge Regimental Aid Post, I was out picking wounded up on the Battle Field when I came upon the body of the above-named Sergeant O'DONNELL. Knowing the Sergeant for a number of years there was no doubt in the identification. The body was sent back to the R.A.P.

    Signed R. THOROGOOD, Sergeant

    Witness the above - [signature illegible], Lt.
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    2721272 Raymond ELLIOTT, 1 Irish Guards

    STATEMENT BY No. 2718549 Lance-Corporal A. CAMPBELL re No. 2721272 Lance-Corporal ELLIOT.

    On the evening of 27 April 1943 I found Lance-Corporal ELLIOT lying in the olive grove wounded above the eye and in the legs. After dressing his wounds myself and a party tried to take him back to the R.A.P. As he was in such a bad condition and we had no stretchers, it was found to be impossible to bring him back to the R.A.P. so we made him comfortable and left him in the olive grove, made our way back to the nearest R.A.P. and informed them there. When we left him, he was unconscious. When I first found him he was conscious and he told me that he was hit by a "sticky bomb" which had been thrown from a German armoured car.

    Signed A. CAMPBELL, Lance-Corporal, No. 2 Company, 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS

    In the Field, 11 May 1943
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    20 JULY 1943

    The Under Secretary of State,
    The War Office,
    Casualty Branch,
    Blue Coat School,

    SUBJECT:- 1st Bn. IRISH GUARDS - Missing Statements.

    2720433 Lance-Sergeant BRIGHOUSE, T.

    The C.O. 1st Bn. IRISH GUARDS states that "enquiries have been made from every possible source, but no one seems to know anything about the above N.C.O."

    2721128 Lance-Corporal DUCKWORTH, A.
    271164 Guardsman BECK, C.
    2722364 Guardsman BROOKS, W.
    2722399 Guardsman CHAMBERS, J.
    2722297 Guardsman COLLINS, P.
    2722679 Guardsman COLLIS, E.
    272363 Guardsman GUIREY, T.
    2721719 Guardsman HARROP, H.
    2721366 Guardsman HESKETH, W.
    2719690 Guardsman HORSLEY, J.
    2719774 Guardsman HYDE, L.

    2721598 Guardsman KEADY, M.
    2719312 Guardsman LEWIS, N.
    2717341 Sergeant LONG, W.
    2719325 Guardsman McKIMM, N.
    2718689 Guardsman MAIRS, W.
    2722932 Guardsman MORRIS, W.M.
    2719026 Guardsman MURPHY, H.
    2717646 Lance-Sergeant MURRAY, W.
    2718203 Guardsman RYDER, J.
    2572167 Guardsman THURLOW, J.

    With regard to the above-mentioned missing personnel, nothing further can be added to the information given in "Situation Reports" No.s 6 & 7, already forwardd under cover of this H.Q.'s letter O2E/8973/CAS dated 30 June 1943.

    1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS state that these men were missing in the operations there described, but that no particulars are available.

    Signed J.D. CANTLEY, for Brigadier, D.A.G., G.H.Q. 2nd Echelon.

    North Africa

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