1st Battalion Highland Light Infantry

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    Alright, I've been doing work on 1 HLI during their time in 53rd Division and information is rather sparse, even with the history Proud Heritage to lend a hand, and a number of personal accounts and War Diary information.

    One of the single biggest problems which I've encountered is:
    Lieutenant-Colonel Torquil MacLeod CO from 1942-44

    Not being a connoisseur of Scottish history I was unaware he was a namesake of a famous historic Lord, and that the name is surprisingly common.

    Apparently he filmed some footage of 1 HLI In 1936 but other than that I've drawn flat out blanks. Found no memoirs, no accounts of him, no biography, not even managed to build up a more detailed version of his career due to a number of officers with that name, and its not entirely clear that he was a member of the HLI.

    Since I've managed to pull pictures on the majority of other Battalions and Regiments in the Division MacLeod is frustrating me somewhat and I wondered if anyone knew anything to cover this gap.
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    This could be your man

    MACLEOD, Torquil
    Born 19/7/03. (From T.A.) H.L.I.
    2-Lt. 29/1/24 (11/2/25).
    Lt. 29/1/26.
    Capt. 31/3/36. (actg. Maj. 3/10/39 to 2/1/40)
    temp. Maj. 3/1/40 to 25/6/40 & 25/7/40 to 28/1141).
    Maj. 29/1/41.
    Adjt. T.A. 1/3/31 to 31/12/34.

    (This is taken from Army List for 1941 and only pre-war officer that match - there are several others but they belonged to different services like RA, I think quite unlikely to lead infantry battalion)
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    Next september it's 76 years ago, the 1st HLI liberated the Belgian town Wervik. In 1945 the CO Torquil Macleod became a honorary citizen ofWervik. This year 75 year ago. In this way Wervik would like to remember this event. Last month's I have been gathering information about LtCol Macleod. Does anyone know which medals he earned through the years.
    Kind regards from Flanders.
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