1st Afridi Battalion

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    Any information about this unit ?
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    So it never saw combat?
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    Have you searched this site for other similar threads? can I ask where you have searched for information just so others dont repeat what you may already have found

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    I did but the questions there didn't really answer my query.
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    Here is my summary for the 1st Afridi Battalion:

    1st Afridi Battalion

    1 January 1942 at Sialkot as The Afridi Garrison Battalion

    Sialkot Area – Lahore District – 1 January 1942 to 23 June 1942
    The battalion was raised at Sialkot on January 1st, 1942 as the Afridi Garrison Battalion. It was retitled as the 1st Afridi Battalion on April 15th, 1942. It recruited only Afridis and remained in Sialkot until it was sent to Egypt from Bombay on June 23rd, 1942.

    British Troops in Egypt (BTE) – Late June 1942 to August 1942
    The battalion remained in Egypt until sent to Syria in August.

    9th Army Troops – August 1942 to September 1942
    The battalion was in located at Aleppo, Syria .

    XXI Corps Troops – September 1942 to December 1942
    It served in Persia.

    Corps Troops PAIFORCE – December 1942 to February 1943
    The unit served in Iraq.

    III Corps Troops – February 1943 to 29 March 1943
    The battalion served in Iraq. It was organised as a commando unit in February 1943.

    12th Indian Infantry Division – 29 March 1943 to 16 May 1943
    The battalion served in Persia.

    9th Army – 16 May 1943 to November 1943
    The battalion served at Aleppo, Syria. It returned to infantry status in July 1943. It operated on the Syrian-Turkish border then moved to Persia.

    PAIFORCE – November 1943 to January 1944
    The battalion moved from Syria to Persia.

    39th Indian Infantry Brigade – January 1944 to January 1945
    The battalion served under the brigade in the Ahwaz area.

    24th Indian Infantry Brigade – Attached January 1945 to June 1945
    The battalion provided guards at the Khoramshahr oil refineries.

    Ferozepore Area – Lahore District – Central Command – June 1945 to 31 August 1945
    Three companies returned to India in June 1945 followed by a fourth company in November 1945. After the war it was reformed as the Khyber Rifles of the Frontier Scouts.
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    Thank you big time. Where did you find this from ?
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    A variety of sources gathered over the years including Perry's Armies of the Commonwealth. I have summaries for most Commonwealth units.
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    This isn't related to the question but did the
    14 Horse (Scinde Horse) see combat in ww2 ?
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    To any members reading this thread the answer to the last post here is covered by this thread 14 Horse (Scinde Horse)

    Please try to keep one subject such as this to one thread otherwise members will be chasing their tails answering multiple threads/postings

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    Yes , apologies. Thought I'd get a answer more quickly.

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