1st & 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

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  1. theeagle51

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    my dad was with 2 fife and forfar as a despatch rider
    he told many stories of his experience in the war some very hairy indeed
    he left a photo album of his time with the regiment
    i have since converted them to cd
    anyone who wants a copy i would be pleased to provide
    just email me your address and i will send you one
    otherwise i sent a copy to british legion in brechin
    i am including a copy of the 2nd fife and forfar
    john eaglesham

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  2. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Welcome to the forum John.

    I have a particular fascination with WD motorcycles (groans of 'He's off again'). As I'm overseas, asking for a CD to be sent wouldn't be fair but I'd be very keen to see any motorcycle photos.

  3. theeagle51

    theeagle51 Junior Member

    i have no problem sending you my cd with the photos
    or you can send me your email address to XXX and i will send you some but it is easier and quicker for me to supply the cd
    God Bless
  4. theeagle51

    theeagle51 Junior Member

    i would be grateful if anyone can shed some light as to where these photos ar of as they were in my dads 2F&F photos

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  5. theeagle51

    theeagle51 Junior Member

    here is just one of the many that dad had

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  6. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    I'm afraid that I don't recognise the buildings but I can tell you about the motorcycle.

    It looks to be substantially a pre-war M20 BSA, with the large 'deluxe' fuel tank and rubber mounted handlebar assembly. It has been retro-fitted with pannier equipment which normally indicates a post-1942 date (the general instruction for fitting panniers to BSAs was dated May 1942).

    Is it possible to read the six or seven digit number on the fuel tank ?

    I'll pm you about a CD.


  7. theeagle51

    theeagle51 Junior Member

    i think the number is 345883
    with 53 also on the tank
    hope this helps

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  8. theeagle51

    theeagle51 Junior Member

    here are another 3 pics
    yet again hope you enjoy them

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  9. theeagle51

    theeagle51 Junior Member

    and the last two that i can find
    if you want the jpess sent then send me your email address
    God Bless

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  10. theeagle51

    theeagle51 Junior Member

    i dont know where this was taken but it is another group photo

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  11. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Nice photos John, you're very lucky to have them.

    I can't read the 'census' number clearly enough to fit it in with a known contract. The '53' would have been on a red background and would have indicated an armoured regiment but then you already know that !

    The backgrounds all look to be the Netherlands, presumably the spring of 1945 ? The motorcycle with the civilian rider has the look of a German machine.

    I'm sure that others would like to see some of the pictures. maybe the mods could help you start of a photo thread ?

  12. m kenny

    m kenny Senior Member

    Brussels City Hall

  13. m kenny

    m kenny Senior Member

    Heysel Exhibition, Brussels

  14. theeagle51

    theeagle51 Junior Member

    the number looks like 46995
    thanks for the information on the buildings
    i am trying to piece the whole lot together and this site is the most useful yet
    many thanks
  15. gerboise

    gerboise L&BH Guru

    Hi Gents,
    doing researches on the Lothians and Border Horse Yeomanry for over 3 years now, I'm particularly attached to Lt Alexander Norman Grieves MUNRO (aka "Sandy") who is mentioned in some of your documents as he joined 2FFY in August 1944. As someone was asking for FFY's casualties by Mid August, here is something that may interest some of you.

    Lieutenant Alexander Norman Grieve Munro (from Edinburgh) was gazetted in 1943 and joined the 1st Lothians and Border Yeomanry by that time. After D-Day and the severe losses among the Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, he joined the strength of the 2FFY on 5/8/44 from the 257 C.D. Sqn. He was posted to B Sqn.
    Lt Steel Brownlie who was commanding 4Tp, A Sqn, 2FFY mentions Lt Munro being killed in his diary entry for 17th August:
    We went on by Ronfugerai and David Voller challenged me to a race into La Carneille. He beat me by a short head to the village square, which was deserted. Then there appeared from a shop a butcher, complete with apron and carving knife, who ran towards us waving and shouting. I was later told that he was the Mayor. He was joined by crowds, who gave us a great welcome, but we had to hurry on to recce bridges over the Rouvre. In fact we were supposed to wait for the infantry to catch up, but Voller and I thought it best to belt on, he to his bridge, and I to mine.

    Mine was the Pont Huan, where there is now a monument. En route we passed the farm of Emile Ballon, who thought he heard the name “Brownie”. I met him 40 years later, courtesy of Alec Perrie. The bridge was half blown, and there was a German truck burning in the stream. Meanwhile George Trotter had rebuked me on the air for not going faster, and I told him he had better come forward and see for himself what was happening. Several unknown stations said: “Hear, hear.” De mortuis nil nisi bonum, I suppose.

    I fired at a German patrol, while a Scissors bridge was being put over the river, and crossed with the infantry company commander, who had just arrived, and we planned an attack on the high ground in front. This was cancelled when the rest of the Squadron arrived, and a Squadron/Company attack was arranged, myself as support troop. It went well until our people got to the top of the wooded hill, when enemy on the reverse slope stopped them with MG and mortar fire. In addition, it seemed that we were fired on by 23rd Hussars, coming up on our left, and it was a messy situation. Our infantry were pinned down, and our leading tank brewed up. Sandy Munro was killed, and his driver lay badly wounded under the tank all night, crying for help. Nobody could get to him, because of fire from the surrounding woods. We harboured on a steep slope nearby, and were mortared.

    He is burried at Banneville-La-Campagne War cemetery.

    If any of you need anything about the Lothians and Border Hors,e pelase feel free to contact me.
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  16. roodymiller

    roodymiller Senior Member

    do any of you guys know any 2ffy vet(s) who served in the ardennes campaign with the 13th bn para regt?
  17. xpressanny

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    Sadly my dad died some years ago but he was in the Fife and Forfar and would have loved this. I wanted to try and find out more about his life in the army both before the war and during. In the 1930s there was very little work so my dad decided to sign up. He went into the recruitment centre and said: "cavalry" and the chap said "I don't think we can get you into that?" So my father headed for the door and said: "No Cavalry; no army." The chap said: "I'll see what I can do." My dad said he spent many happy years with the F & F both here and in India. He was just about to leave when war broke out and he became a tank driver. He didn't talk about many things but I do remember him telling me: "No-one would ever think about a war unless they knew what it was like." I am given to believe that my dad went over with the Canadians and landed on Juno Beach and was caught up in the Battle for Caan and may have been at "Goodwood." He did talk about all the tanks getting stuck in the mud when the "big thaw" came. Then was involved in the 'Battle of the Bulge'. If anyone knows anything I would love to find out. My father's Name was Wilfred Weatherly but always known as Bill and lived in Muswell Hill in London. I am very proud of him and he was a wonderful man and father - brought me up single on his own! I do have some photos and I will post them. We are in the middle of a move and they are all stored away.
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  18. ckjlgp

    ckjlgp chris

    hello, I am Fred Pepper's son Chris, I am living in the UK and was wondering if you had any more info on my fathers treks across germany.

  19. nick bullock

    nick bullock Junior Member

    Hi I have just been reading the postings relating to the 2nd fife and forfar yeomanry,. I have recently recovered an armoured vehicle that served with the HQ squadron, just wondering if by an absolute fluke any pictures might be floating around that show a humber scout car belonging to the HQ squadron, 2FFY??.
    Thanks for reading
    Kind regards
  20. Golf Bravo

    Golf Bravo Member

    Can any FFY fans throw any light on their part in the action along the Dendre up to 19/20 May '40?

    5th Brigade were tasked with the rearguard action with an additional battalion, 1st Ox Bucks from 48th Div, under command and supported by 4/7th Dragoon Guards (GHQ troops, not brigaded?) and 10 Field Regt, (III Corps, 2 Div, divisional troops?), I believe.

    Ellis has 5th Bgde as 1st Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, 2nd Dorsets, 7th Worcs, Brigade anti-tank Coy.

    Then in Sgt Smith's personal diary from the 4/7DG thread he refers to FFY being in the line.


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