1940 British Official History

Discussion in '1940' started by Paul Reed, Apr 16, 2007.

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    That'll be me then , Paul.
    Cheers for that, just reading today about Frankforce at Vimy Ridge in the preserved trenches and here you are giving me a site with a map of it.
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    This transcription will be quite an achievement if they manage to complete it. I bought a proper copy of this book a while back. It seems a bit of a shame that I might not be buying any more !

    I'm sure that I'll be able to find other books to buy though.
  4. Owen

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    Books on the net can never replace a real one in your hand.
    Might buy this for £22 from N&M Press.
  5. Paul Reed

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    Books on the net can never replace a real one in your hand.
    Might buy this for £22 from N&M Press.

    Absolutely. But a useful handy source to have!

    I managed to get both NW Europe volumes, originals, on eBay this week for £29. Might be worth keeping an eye out on there?
  6. Owen

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  7. Owen

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    Has anyone else noticed page 213 is missing.
    Good job it's on-line, I was able to print it out and tuck it into the book.
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    Great link, I'm building up a picture of Boulogne and Calais during 1940 from one veterans story and this book helps a lot.
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    I bought a copy of that book, 1st edition, at a library sale for 80p, a bargain if ever there was one. The author, Major L.F. Ellis, also headed the team (Captain G.R.G. Allen, Lieut-Colonel A.E. Warhurst, Air Chief Marshall Sir James Robb) that wrote volumes 1 and 2 of Victory in the West in the same official series.

    The electronic edition you located is from here "HyperWar: World War II on the World Wide Web" with details of the British Official History here "HyperWar: United Kingdom Official Histories".

    Let's hope they all get scanned.

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    Excellent, I have been looking for something of sort for a while now. 193-40 just happens to be my biggest interest in ww2 times. Thanks v.much.
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  12. Gerard

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    Just noticed this now - Paul this is fabulous!! Well done!
  13. Gerard

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    That Hyperwar site is brilliant!
  14. urqh

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    Another gem. Thanks

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