1897585 Sergeant George Alfred HIGGINSON, 101 Squadron, RAFVR: 01/02/1945

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    Remembering Today

    Sergeant (Flight Engineer) HIGGINSON, GEORGE WILFRED
    Service Number 1897585
    Died 01/02/1945
    101 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    Location: Bayern, Germany
    Number of casualties: 2879
    Cemetery/memorial reference: 2. C. 7.
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    NAME: George W Higginson
    SPOUSE: Kathleen I Dennis
    MARRIAGE: Sep 1939 - East Elloe, Lincolnshire

    1 daughter

    44 Caldbeck Avenue, Sutton and Cheam, Surrey
    George W Higginson 27 Jun 1910 Sergeant Met Police
    Kathleen I Egerton (Higginson) 22 Mar 1914 Unpaid Domestic Duties


    NAME: Kathleen I Higginson
    SPOUSE: Douglas F Egerton
    MARRIAGE: Sep 1960 - Surrey Mid Eastern, Surrey

    NAME: Kathleen Ivy Egerton
    BIRTH: 22 Mar 1914
    DEATH: Jun 1995 - Mid Warwickshire, Warwickshire
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    ... presumably the Probate was 1946 or later - otherwise granted on 2 February seems indecent haste.....
    Looks like the 1939 Register was still being updated in 1960 to record her new surname....
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    P/O Jack Kenny, a 22-year-old Canadian, was the Special Duties man - I believe this was often (usually?) a German-speaker who operated the wireless interference broadcasting carried out by the 101 Sqdn ABCs.

    RIP all 8 men, average age about 22.

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    J47772 P/O Jack Kenny enlisted in the RCAF under his true name, Jacek Kenig, in Montreal on 9 November 1942. At the time his father, Josef, and siblings, Genia and Sam, were living there. His mother, Frajda (née Winierlak) was listed as being located in France, "exact location unknown". Postwar, father and siblings relocated to New York City, hence why Kenny is listed on a few sites as American. He was a Polish citizen at the time of enlistment and, indeed, at the time of his loss.

    Kenny was born in Warsaw on 14 July 1922 and spoke five languages. He had attended primary through high school in Brussels and Paris before attending technical school in Marseilles to become a welder. He also attended Toulouse University where he obtained his papers as a drafter. On enlistment he stated he had been working as a draftsman for Clark-Ruse Aircraft in Darmouth, Nova Scotia.

    Kenny's trade was navigator but he did not get a chance to fly as one. He was sent from No. 3 PRC in Bournemouth to No. 11 Base on 9 November 1944. On 26 November 1944 he was posted to No. 101 Squadron at Ludford Magna.

    There is an English translation of a portion of Luftwaffe KE Report 10229 in his file which states "Date and Time of Crash: 1-2-45 at 2030 hrs; Location: About 5 kms from Mundenheim-Gartenstadt, district Ludwigshafen/Rhein; Nature of crash: Shot down by flak. Burnt on crash."

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    Ancestry records a Joseph Kenig in the 1940 US Census in New York, not post War.
    Obviously it may not be the Josef Kenig referred to above, possibly a co incidence, as you're usually accurate.
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    Sorry, yes, I should have made that clearer:

    NAME: George Wilfred Higginson
    DEATH: 1 Feb 1945 - Middlesex, England
    CIVIL: 2 Feb 1946 - Llandudno

    I've come across a 1939 Register entry being updated as late as 1970!
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    No problem - not trying to pick you up.
    Just the closeness of the dates made my sense of humour (or what passes for it, in my case) twitch!

    I knew the WW2 Identity Card numbering was used as the basis for the NHS National Health Number, but didn't expect the 1939 Register to update information from much later after the War. You learn something new every day!
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    From the work of Alan Storr as held in the AWM

    The Navigator was Flight Sergeant HENDREN, KEITH ROBERT 434787 RAAF - the personnel file & the casualty file regarding this officer held by the NAA have been digitised

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    I suppose it's possible. But the attestation documents show that on 9 November 1942 he was an electrician living at 373 Concord, Montreal, Quebec.

    On his son's estate documents, signed by him on 1 December 1945, he was living in Brooklyn, NY.
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