1794016 Jesse CROSS, RA: Help translating Grandad’s records

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    I have been researching my late grandad Jesse Cross. I am just wondering if anyone can explain/translate all the numbers and information on the attestation document I have attached please?

    There is also a document attached which states he was in The Royal Regiment Of Artillery in 1941, I'm unsure if this is the same as what is on the attestation papers as i'm clueless when it comes to this (I'm only 23 haha)

    This is all I can find on him really, I'd also be interested to know more if anyone can help with what countries he went to, any photos, what medals he may have received such as the Burma star etc and also the colour of his uniform.

    I'm unsure if I am able to apply for another service record and any medals, his next of kin was his wife who died so not sure how this works? His original medals were stolen unfortunately and I do have his service record book which I’ve attached but unsure if parts are missing.

    ANY help whatsoever would be appreciated as I'd really like to learn more about my grandad as he passed when I was 5.

    Thank you [​IMG]

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    i cant answer all , i am in the process of doing the same for my dad, you can apply for his records from the army office in glasgow although there is a fee, i think i paid 30
    the top left doc refers to his training but does state that as far as medals go he received the 1939-45 medal and the italy star which is a campaign medal,he may have got more but they are not shown on this particular document they could be on another
    middle left is only his medical record
    bottom left appears to be a page from a military type site but does state that it is the correct person by the service number which is 1794016 and that matches the document middle right which is i believe his record of discharge stating he was in the 8th RA infantry holding battalion at the time also the gordon highlanders regiment.not much from the papers you have but it may help you a little
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    Thank you very much for your reply - I really appreciate it.

    It's all very confusing as records from findmypast state he started off in Heavy Anti-aircraft, transferred to Highland Light Infantry then his service records state that he was in Gordon Highlanders. He apparently joined in 1941 and left the army in 1953. Do you think I am missing information from his service record book? I do have another 1-2 pages but they're just his height, weight etc.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    It’s very difficult to give you full chapter and verse details on his service as the contemporaneous documents you have attached are a “snapshot in time”.

    For the compete picture you need to have sight of his Army service records from U.K. MOD -

    Get a copy of military service records

    You are a blood relative so are eligible to apply as next of kin.

    Once you have sight of those documents you will be able to follow his military journey (you’ll likely need to revisit the forum at that time for assistance in interpreting the military shorthand and jargon) and members will be able to signpost you to his unit(s) war diary at the U.K. National Archives. That will provide detail of his unit daily activity - although it is unlikely he will be named in it.

    From the records you’ve posted we can say that he joined up (likely conscripted rather than volunteered) in April 1941 and was posted to a Heavy Anti- Aircraft Artillery Unit - anti aircraft guns. He could have served at home or overseas in this role.

    His RA enlistment register entry shows he was transferred to Highland Light Infantry in February 1945. This was not unusual at that time as the German air threat had reduced greatly so HAA units were disbanded and their troops used as infantry reinforcements to replace casualties. His discharge testimonial shows he was serving with 8th Gordon Highlanders - a holding Battalion - that would be based in the U.K. He was posted to the post war reserve - Class Z - and was fully discharged in 1953 - likely on reaching the 45 years age limit for recall.

    So we have the “bookends’” of his service but the remainder will be contained in the pages of his Army service record.

    I’d hazard a guess he was awarded more than the 2 medals shown in his soldiers book.His service papers will confirm the medals issued.

    Good Luck

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