162 Field Ambulance RAMC / 30 Royal Marines

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    I am looking for info about 162 Field Ambulance RAMC during spring 1945 in Holland and info on 2 members of the 162,Lt.George Ollerenshaw MBE MC 282010 & Sgt.Maurice Patrick Smith MM 7347981 who won both a bravery medal on 23-04-1945 in Kerkdriel,The Netherlands for rescuing a wounded Marine.

    They were attached to 30 Royal Marines.

    Smith was from Harrow, Ollerenshaw from Ashbourne.

    I do have their citations. I am looking for personnal info on them both and photo's.
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    Or does anyone have the WD of the 162 Field Ambulance for April 1945??
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    Nobody who can help?
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