160744 Major Lyall Lusted DSO, 145 Reg. Royal Armoured Corps

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    W/ Captain T/ Major Lyall Lusted DSO, 145th Regiment, 21st Tank Brigade, 1st Canadian Division, 1st Canadian Corps, Royal Armoured Corps.

    Recommended Military Medal by Lt. Col. OC. 145th Regiment.

    Awarded Immediate Distinguished Service Order after Brigade Commander recommendation for upgrade. 'I have upgraded recommendation to DSO and I very strongly recommend it'.

    Ref. Maps Italy 1/50,000, sheets 109-1 and 109-11 Period 25 Aug-3 Sept 44.

    During this period which covered the crossing of the R. Metanro, the approach to the R. Foglia, the breaching of the Gothic Line and the advance to Cattolica, this officer commanded a squadron of Churchill Tanks in support of 2nd Canadian Inf. Bde. and his ability, gallantry and devotion to duty were an inspiration to all with whom he came into contact.

    1. 26 Aug. 44 The capture of Pt. 479 square 0766. The crossing of the R. Metauro having been accomplished Major Lusted's squadron was given the task of taking this, the dominating feature. In spite of very difficult country and heavy enemy fire, he led his squadron to the assault and succeeded in capturing the hill, killing or capturing the entire enemy garrison. His action in taking Pt. 479 made the tasks of flanking formations much easier and undoubtedly saved a number of infantry casualties.

    2. 28 Aug. 44 The attack and capture of Monti Ciccard *Some Text Missing* square 0470 On this day the Royal Edmonton Regiment of Canada met great resistance in their efforts to take this town. Major Lusted's squadron was orderd to support which he did to such good effect that the town was captured and many of the enemy killed or taken prisoner. Two of his tanks were destroyed by enemy fire and despite intense MG and Mortar fire, Major Lusted controlled his squadron on foot indicating to each of his tanks their various targets. His complete disregard for his own personal safetyinspired his men and the infantry whom he was supporting.

    3. 3 Sept. 44 The advance to and capture of Cattolica, square 9887 Major Lusted's squadron was ordered to lead the advance on this day. The squadron was held up by a strong enemy position at Pt. 993820, 3 of his tanks being destroyed by enemy A/Tk guns. Owing to intense enemy fire the situation became critical until Major Lusted organised an attack which led to complete success. His cheerfulness and bravery on this day inspired all the troops under his command and undoubtedly saved what might have been a temporary reverse.

    His conduct and leadership throughout were excellent and merits reward.

    Dated 8.3.45
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    Drew -
    they got that right about Major Lusted - he was everywhere all at once cheering us on...... on the 3rd Sept. my troop was detailed to lead the charge from Pieve with Lt. Graham Douse and all the maps shown with the arrows pointing past Cattolica show my tank in the lead in the sergeant Trevor Williams Tank - they were both killed at San Martino two weeks later.....c'est la guerre...

    Major Lusted went on to be C.O. of 12th Batt RTR - after the war he went back to Dorking and set up an Automotive Supplies Company where I would drop in when passing and share a few memories - great man !

  3. Drew5233

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    Cheers for that Tom.
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    Drew -
    astonishing that the C.O. of the regiment - Lt.Col.E.V. Strickland - MM - from the North Irish Horse - didn't like too many gettting bigger medals than he did obviously as he only had an M.M. himself ... this is probably why he only recommended an M.M. for LL - he finally got his D.S.O. as well so I guess he retired happy..when the regt was broken up he got a cushy job back at the base training depot at Rieti

  5. Drew5233

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    Its good to see that some get upgraded but sadly most changes are for a lesser medal. Worst of all I have come across some VC's to DCM's, DSO's etc. I really feel for them that they were so close to the highest award only to have someone who wasn't there say 'No.'

    Perhaps that could be a new thread - 'Victoria Crosses that never were' :unsure:
  6. Tom Canning

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    Drew - you would need a very big spool for that thread - while some C.O.'s were a bit mean - we had a Brigadier - Dawney who knew what it was all about...

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