16 Lw.Feld Div. opposing the 6th Airborne Div.

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    Are there any British documents written about the fights of the 6th AB.Div. in Normandy with the German 16 Lw.Feld Div.
    The 16th was badly mauled after the fights at the Northern part of the Bridgehead.
    Unfortunatly the Germans did not left much info to get a good view about that happened with this unit.
    After the fights in Normandy the whole unit (what was left of it) transferred to another division to refit that one.
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    You may have come across the following thread previously. It contains some excellent information on the 16th Luftwaffe Field Division. I don't believe they would have come in direct contact with the 6th Airborne. They were brought into play during the defence of Caen during late June, early July. As you will see there's some gentlemanly disagreement on actual dates.

    16th Luftwaffe Field Division - Feldgrau.net

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    ehhh, Maybe a bit late but thanks!

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