152, 153, 154, 174, 175 & 176 highland field ambulances

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  1. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Evening, looking for any information with regards to the above units. I know 153 & 152 became pow's at st valery and 154 escaped and was in Burma near the end of the war, the others were replacements in the 51st HD during its restructuring
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    I believe 153 Field Ambulance under command 15 Scottish Division was in the area of Lubeck on VE Day and was not disbanded until Spring 1946.
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    Hiya Hutchie,

    Browsing the newspapers, search term 'Highland Field Ambulance' returns 99 articles for 1930-39 and 56 articles for 1940-49.

    You've likely been over the news papers on line though?

    See a few mentions of Aberdeen in there. Have you approached Aberdeen Library or the City Archives?

    Hope you're warmer where you are, we have a balmy 3.2c outside and see the snow gates have been shut too.


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  4. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    No exact locations for VE day but later have the following

    18 Jun 45 – HQ RAMC 51st (Highland) Infantry Division

    174 Field Ambulance – Wietzen north-west of Neinburg
    153rd Infantry Brigade

    175 Field Ambulance – Duhnen north-west of Cuxhaven
    152nd Infantry Brigade

    176 Field Ambulance – Horneburg south-east of Stade
    154th Infantry Brigade

    8 May 45 – Being in close location to their Brigade HQs

    HQ 152nd Infantry Brigade – Bad Bederkesa north-east of Bremerhaven
    HQ 153rd Infantry Brigade – Bremerhaven
    HQ 154th Infantry Brigade – Loxstedt south of Bremerhaven

    51st (Highland) Infantry Division disbanded 30 Jun 46

    Source 30 Corps War Dairies

    Hope to be able to offer updates with later research
  5. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Some interesting information appearing here:)
  6. aboode

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    I am compiling a list of Pipe Majors of military Pipes & Drums. Does anyone have information about Pipe Majors of the Highland Field Ambulances?
  7. Cgrant

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    Interesting to see connection between 153 FA and BW in 1947. Wondered if you know which regiment the 153 FA was attached to in May/June 1940 or where we might find this info. We think it may be 1st BW but haven't been able to confirm it. Our dad was in the 153 FA and captured at St Valery.

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