14787074 Norman MOSS, 5th Wiltshire: wounded 9/3/45

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    Hi all New to the forum. My Grandad Norman Moss served in the 5th Wiltshires and was wounded 9th march 1945. From the war diary it's looks like this was in Luttingen. He never spoke about the war but I know he suffered from his wounds in till his death in 1977. The only information I have is what I found online and his replacement service book that says original lost in action. The family story is that a German saved his life but not idea if this is correct. The info I found online is as follows..

    First Name:
    Date of Action:
    Incident Details:
    Reported to the War Office Casualty Branch for the 24 hours ending at 09:00.
    Incident Date:
    Casualty List No. 1712.
    Service Number:
    Duty Location:
    Western Europe
    British Army
    Wiltshire Regiment
    5th Battalion
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    Have you tried the CWGC website to see if others died that day or around that date from his regiment? That might help.

    Have you seen this:
    From: BBC - WW2 People's War - 'Fire Orders' Chapter 17c

    Google states:
    From: Worcestershire Regiment (29th/36th of Foot)

    This could be the book you need, although this seller no longer has any: The Fifth Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment in North-West Europe, by J.S. McMath
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    Thanks for the reply's I shall look into the research tips mentioned. I have downloaded the application forms for his military records and will ask my mum to sign it. I have his replacement service book issued at Upton Emergency Hospital Chester 17/4/45 and I have also come across his release book from the combined school of operations in Oct 1947 all with same service number so this should make things easier.
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    I have sorted Markchorlton out with the book.
    Thanks to nicks who sent me that disc years ago. :)
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